Let’s Battle Titans – Ichigo/Hollow, Grimmjow, Rukia & Orihime

It’s been a while since I last posted a piece of fan art, today we go back to the crossovers where Bleach and Attack on Titan combine as one, similar to art posted previously, where we see Ichigo, Hollow Ichigo, Grimmjow, Rukia and Orihime battle it out against Titans as more and more arrive. 

Bleach Meets Attack on Titan by elwaifu

A fantastic piece of artwork incorporating some of the best members of Bleach as well as bringing the Titans of Attack on Titans to this fan art. It was made by ElWaifu who actually planned this piece of artwork back in January but just managed to finished it now, they have numerous fantastic pieces which I believe to be quite awesome, check them out. Also be sure to share this page!

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