Doriate Defeated! Gray Melt’s Ice? – Fairy Tail 231

Fairy Tail 231 see’s Doriate go on a rampage where he and Gray both fight it out, Gray discovers that the ice covering Sun Village is weird and special when he uses its power to quickly channel it through himself and defeat Doriate. A large bird appears and quickly chews down on Doriate. Natsu and Lucy are at the Eternal Flame, Gray knows a way to melt it.

Fairy Tail 231 begins with Gray as he lays a trap for Doriate and what he’s standing on by replacing the ice making him fall down. However, Doriate just gets back up, this time Gray has created a surface layer where he makes him fall on some plants covered with ice. It hurts him.

Gray doesn’t have enough ice to hit him, so uses some of his ice to make it into slush which covers his head. Minerva is about to kill Erza when her body begins to go back to normal, she uses this chance to quickly kick Minerva in the face, Erza doesn’t have any pants so takes Minerva’s.

Natsu also gets back to normal, and so does Gray. Doriate begins to get pissed off trying to hit Gray insanely, at one point it connects as Doriate begins to transform into a large purple demon, Gray figures out that it’s a Demon from the book of Zeref. Doriate screams and makes everyone him small, even Minerva and Wendy.

Happy and Carla appear also as they land on Gray, as Doriate approaches them to try and hill them. Gray’s ice has no effect on Doriate, he remembers what he had said about his power and what he’s doing when he attacks, he gets hurt with the current ice around him.

Gray, Carla and Happy are hit, but Gray remembers one thing, that he can channel the magic from his body to Doriate. He does so and quickly gains his abilities and electrifies Doriate as he turns back to normal. Everyone gets their normal bodies back, Gray realises that this magic is creepy but there is something odd. Doriate says that he’s opened the gates of hell, when a large bird appears and eats Doriate.

Natsu walks on to find Lucy, Wendy and Flare there, Natsu accepts her being there and mentions that the mountain in front of them is the Eternal Flame and that it’s been fully frozen. Gray, with Carla and Happy are running from the large bird, he tells Natsu that he can melt the ice, and thus Natsu tells him to tag in so he can melt the Eternal Flame. Fairy Tail 231 ends here.

A pretty good episode, we found out a little about whats going on, on top of which we now know what the ice covering the village and Gray could somehow be connected. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 232, titled “The voice of the Flame” when the ice melts and we see a familiar face appear, all while Natsu fights the bird.

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