Stand Guard – Ichigo and Orihime

It’s been a while since I last posted an image of Ichigo and Orihime, the couple I hope to see forge at the end of Bleach. Ichigo, strong and always fighting for justice, and Orihime, gentle and spiritual are great together. I hope that you like this fantastic image of these two. 

Stand Guard Ichigo Orihime by Mai-Kuu

Do you like this image? If so go ahead and comment down below tell us what you think. On top of which go ahead and check out the author at mai-kuu. Also be sure to share the page with others who will find this artwork wonderful to look at. Enjoy today!

There are 5 comments

    1. Nick Dunn

      Honestly, when I first saw Bleach Like 10 Years ago, I Would Have Agreed With you. But from what I have seen in this arc, this pairing seems canon. I see Rukia with Renji.


      1. trinin ninja

        Nothing wrong with renji/rukia. ? They do have history together and renji even begged ichigo to save her. At first renji appeared as a jerk, but it was later revealed that he genuinely cared for rukia. I simply love, not just like, rukia/ichigo as a couple but it would be nice if rukia ends up with renji.


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