Cosplay: Candice Catnipp

Candice Catnipp is one of the few strong female Stern Ritter’s who is able to go up against a strong vice captain or captain. This wonderful cosplay helps us to witness how such a Stern Ritter would look in real life, her T or Thunderbolt abilities are amazingly electrifying, on top of which the cosplayer pulls it all off quite well!

The bow that we also see here is amazingly well done, seems like Candice’s profile comes to life with GaiaGiselle portraying this character. Go ahead and check her out, she has some fantastic cosplay work which I believe to look amazingly cool. Also be sure to share the page so others can see Candice’s cosplay.

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  1. Nick Dunn

    omg this young lady is awesome!! XD Wow! She even has a replica of Candice’s Spirit Weapon looks so amazing! I can’t wait to see more Quincy cosplayers! 😉


          1. Nick Dunn

            I used to do Hetalia and Bleach. I’m saving up to Cosplay as some Sternritter. I was wondering if I could Cosplay as large Kirio. I think I can full her off 🙂


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