Young Shinobi’s – Kisame and Zabuza

Kisame and Zabuza were part of the world of Naruto, Kisame belonging to Akatsuki and Zabuza part of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the mist. They both have their past where they battled and did what they had to do. They have now both passed on, that’s why I post this as these were some of the better characters which never disappointed, even in their young shinobi forms they look awesome.

Naruto Young Shinobi's Zabuza and Kisame by mick347Does this image look awesome or what, both are bloody amazing shinobi’s and seems like they’re even better swordsman. If you like their image, go ahead and check mick347. Go ahead and comment down below telling us what your favourite moments of both of Zabuza and Kisame were.

What do you think?

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