Wendy in Lamia Scale! Carla’s Human Form – Fairy Tail 420

Fairy Tail 420 see’s Natsu, Lucy and Happy all going to Lamia Scales hometown to see Wendy, they see her and Chelia do a wonderful dance for their thanksgiving. On top of this we see Carla’s human form, similar to that of Lily where he’d transform into his human form. It seems that a certain group want to make Lamia Scale pay for something that may have happened.

Fairy Tail 420, blaze up, seeing as Natsu, Lucy and Happy wonder around, they get to the Tuli Village where they notice a clock which Natsu has previously broken. He mentions that it looks different since it seems that there are two shades of bricks. Natsu seems to be bored, he has got really strong but hasn’t found anyone worth fighting.

He wanted to come back and battle Gray, Erza and Laxus. He just guesses that he’ll just have to fight Lucy. Lucy even mentions that she’s probably not strong against his true form, however she has gotten stronger. Natsu notices something, he quickly turns around and shoots twice between Lucy’s legs.

It goes a very long distance, where we see a man chasing for his horses and wagon where thugs have stolen it. Out of nowhere these men are hit by Natsu’s fireballs where they hit them. Lucy asks what that was for, he just says that it’s nothing. That night, they get into a cavern to sleep, they talk about how Lucy has been keeping check of them, however some have just moved onto better things.

Lucy mentions that they should first go to Margaret, the city where Lamia Scales is. Natsu mentions that it would be a good idea for him to battle and test his skills up against them. Lucy teases them that someone from the guild is there too. That day we see that it’s a Thanks giving day for Lamia Scale, seeing Lyon and his Ice performance turning birds to rabbits and making everyone happy.

Then we see Toby and his crying impression. Next up we see their masters Oriental Dance performance. Next up we see their guild’s pride and joy, their angels. Chelia and Wendy appear, they’re named the Sky Sisters as they begin singing the song “Angel Love Slayer!”. Everyone begins to cheer as they sing on.

Natsu is shocked to whats happening, Lucy just mentions that everyone had to find jobs somewhere, this is where she is now. Natsu learns about their Thanksgiving nature and festival for the village. Happy looks around to see if Carla is also there. Behind them is a girl who mentions that she’d knew they would eventually show up.

It seems to be Carla in her human form, she wears humanly clothes, but retains her tail. Out of nowhere we see a group of people who enjoy the music but also want to give Lamia Scale the steel hammer of judgement, they want to kill a few members of Lamia Scale. Fairy Tail 420 ends here.

A good chapter, we finally see more members of Fairy Tail! It should be good to see what happens in next week’s Fairy Tail 421, titled “Chelia and Wendy”, should be good to see them together again.

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    1. Sunite

      Apparently so, it’s easy to guess that it’s Carla. I think even Happy will also have his own human form. The fact that Carla and Happy were unable to change may be because of how they were brought up in the human world while Lily was in the Exceed world where all the other cats are.


    1. Sunite

      The last time skip, the main characters didn’t change a lot. Now a year later we see everyone grow up. I’m actually exciting to see everyone from FT growup! New powers etc.


  1. Cee

    Oh man, I’m still following FT closely although I don’t have time to blog about it lately. I’m just so surprised with the direction that it’s going – really, really on edge here. I can’t decide yet whether I’m totally in love with everything or well, am not. TELL ME HOW TO FEEL, CAUSE I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE.


    1. Sunite

      Haha I feel the same, the series has had another time skip and it questions how the new characters will be. Natsu and Lucy are still the same, just stronger while others are still a little unknown to us. Nevertheless, I’m sure the series will get a lot more exciting for us. They’ve all developed and grown up. I guess even Natsu has, and we might even see Zeref show up too.


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