Juvia and Gray’s Anniversary! – Fairy Tail 220

Fairy Tail 220 follows Juvia as it’s her and Gray’s 413 days anniversary for which she had met him, it’s also a day in which Gray’s teacher Ur had died. Juvia works hard to find something Gray will like to which she goes ahead and knits a scarf which Gray initially doesn’t escape, but then realises that he needs it and goes to find it.

Fairy Tail 220 begins with Juvia waking up and getting happy about their anniversary. She meets with Erza and the others when she is really happy about their him and their time. Erza mentions that this is an important day and that she should make something or do something joyous.

She doesn’t know what to get her, that’s why she goes on to ask the other girls about they they would want to get as a present. Levy would want books, Cana would want something to drink. Evergreen is also asked, she doesn’t know as she quickly thinks about Elfman and her married, she quickly blushes and says that it’s better asking a man.

Natsu is asked, he’d want food, Happy wants fish. Gajeel wants a white suit and guitar. Elfman wants to be a man. They go through clothes too. Mirajane mentions that something home made is a good idea. She decides on a cake, however while making it she nearly destroys her house by rushing and using her power.

Wendy and others arrive when she decides to make a scarf, she is happy about this one. She goes to find him, he isn’t anywhere. She goes to her house but he’s not there either. Lyon appears and tells her that he’s probably wondering around. She finds him, she mentions that it’s their anniversary and tries to give him the scarf, but it doesn’t work as he just walks away.

Lyon quickly appears as it begins to snow. He had told her that it’s also the day in which Ur had died a few years ago. Erza and Juvia are talking as she tries to help Juvia out. It begins to snow as both Gray and Juvia walk to their house alone. Gray has a flash back when Ur had given him and Lyon her scarf.

He realises that this is a sign and that he should go find the scarf, he does and wears it. Erza even see’s him wearing it. The next day, he says he’s sorry and Juvia does the same. Out of nowhere, Juvia gives him a new present of a body pillow for him to sleep with. Fairy Tail 220 ends here.

A good episode, it seems that we’ll be getting more fillers as Natsu, Lucy and Happy go on a cold adventure where they face a cave in next week’s Fairy Tail 221, titled “The Silver Labyrinth”.

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