Shira’s Mission! Exam Begins – Naruto Shippuden 399

Naruto Shippuden 399 follows Shira’s travels as he takes on Gaara’s mission to become a fine ninja as well as helping other shinobi’s from the village to pass while seeing Neji, Lee and Tenten go through a few problems as they’re trapped then go ahead and help Team Shira who are about to be disqualified.

Naruto Shippuden 399 begins as everyone gets ready to begin the exam, Shira is also getting ready to pass for the sake of Gaara. We see both him and Gaara battle, both are going ahead and doing hand to hand battle as Shira seems to be a lot stronger. Gaara mentions that he’s progressed so much in a short time.

Shira takes on the Chunnin exams as he talks to Gaara there. We return to reality as Shira mentions that they need to get as many of the Sand entrants into the next stage, he will help in repaying Gaara like this. Neji, Lee and Tenten seem to be watches as Neji mentions that they will also face tough opponents, especially Shira’s team and Fuu with her team. He mentions that they need to pick off easy opponents.

The challenge begins and everyone gets going. A plant spews out water as we see Neji and the others pass by. Guy receives words from Tsunade as she tells them to protect Gaara as their village seems to have a anti-Gaara party. They’re asked to take care and protect him if need be.

Yome uses her abilities to look through water particles to find Neji and the others and to direct their own team mates away from them. In other words, they’re working together. Neji can’t find anyone. Lee finds one of his kunai stuck in a rock, he mentions he did this to make sure they don’t go in circle. It seems that they’ve been trapped in a genjutsu, they quickly get out.

They find their opponent and quickly get head there. They quickly find their enemy when Neji, Lee and Tenten attack them. They’re pushed back as Neji attacks when we see Shira appear with his team as he blocks all 64 palm attacks. Out of nowhere we see that they’re already in an sand bit and stuck at that.

Lee asks Shira why he doesn’t fight him as he tells him that he has a mission that he must follow. They move onwards as Neji and others are trapped in the sand, they’re dragged out to a sand pit which they seem to be trapped in. Lee helps them get out of the sand, then they don’t seem to know what to do.

We then see Shira ask the others from his village if they’re safe when they somewhat betray them as they mention that they’d like to take their scroll. They had planned the night before but it seems that some have betrayed them, as they’re being attacked by 6 others.

Yome battles one when her eyes are exposed by a flash of light, Sen goes to help when they’re endangered of being killed. Shira goes to help when he’s stopped but keeps on running when he’s warned that he’ll be shot down. He’s hurt when everyone surrounds them, out of nowhere Neji, Lee and Tenten show up to help.

Shira is shocked that this has just happened, the others have retreated. Shira asks why he’d help. They also mention that they had a large stair case to allow them to get out of the sand put. They mention that they won’t do bad things to a weaker opponent, especially when they’re down. Lee mentions that Shira is just like him, has no shinobi abilities. Naruto Shippuden 399 ends here.

A good chapter overall, it seems to be getting better in my opinion, even if it’s somewhat a filler episode. Nevertheless, can’t wait for more great battles in next week’s Naruto Shippuden 400, titled “As a Taijutsu User”, when we’ll see some more fights and past bits and bobs.

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