Cosplay: Natsu, Lucy and Asuka

Asuka is still very young, she is the child of Alzack and Bisca Connell, we’ve seen her cheer members of Fairy Tail many times now. In the next Fairy Tail 219 episode, we’ll see a little but enjoyable episode of Asuka followed by Natsu and Lucy where they go on a mission to earn a little money. She buys a globe for her parents, when they had sold it for money while she was unwell. 

Only two images but it sums up how the episode will mostly go. If you’d like to see more cosplay from them, go check out onlycyn who has a lot of amazing fan art especially from Fairy Tail. They’re definitely someone to follow if you’re looking for some fantastic cosplay art.

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  1. OnlyCyn

    OMG I’m onlycyn and I’ve just found this looking for some reference pics for future cosplays and asasdfafsghgasjdf *^* Thank you SO MUCH for sharing the pics and for those beautiful words about us, that has completely made my day!!! ❤


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