Sui-Feng vs Faith – Bleach and Mirrors Edge

Sui-Feng is one of the captains belonging to Seireitei and the Soul Society. She is also part of Stealth Force just as Yoruichi was. Let us introduce Faith, she belongs to the world of Mirrors Edge where she runs from the authority in her mission to do whats right. She runs, jumps and does all king of tricks to escape anything in her way. She’s quick, however can she beat Sui-Feng in speed as this image currently shows?

Mirror's Edge vs Bleach Faith Soi Fon Art by Raphire

This is in fact an old image by Raphire, however it’s one that’s going to be current as Bleach and Mirrors Edge are both amazing titles. If you like the image go ahead and check the artist out, otherwise be sure to share the image with friends and fans of both series.

What do you think?

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