Natsu’s New Look! A Year Later – Fairy Tail 418

Fairy Tail 418 follows Lucy as she becomes a reporter to which she goes on to try to track members of Fairy Tail to bring them together. It’s time for the Magic Games where the stronger teams do not take part, a team wins it when a man in a cloak appears, he challenges the winners when he burns the whole stadium down with his sheer heat, it’s Natsu a year later, he has a new look!

Fairy Tail 418 begins as Lucy wakes up, she gets ready and cheers herself up for the day. It’s one year after the battle with Tartaros, it’s day four of the Grand Magic Games where we see a few people battle each other. Yajima and his partner talk about the mages about to battle. Jason is hyped up to report about the game, it seems Lucy is working for him.

She’s on time to report for the magazine and what had happened. The battle begins and the weaker member loses. We learn that after Natsu and Happy left to train, Lucy had fallen into depression where she was unable to do anything. However, now she works for Jason.

Everyone else began walking their own paths shortly thereafter. Lucy had been given the job of a Gravure Model. However, she had asked him to get another job where she would have to write. After the game, it seems Jason feels the games are boring without any of the more stronger teams like Sabertooth, Lamia Scale, Mermaid Heel, Blue Pegasus or even Queatro Cerberus. For that matter, even Fairy Tail.

Lucy still has Fairy Tail’s crest on her hand which is noticed by Jason. Lucy goes back home to write her report where she talks about the battle. She feels a little lonely, where she mentions that she’s making excuses not to go and meet any of them. She goes for a bath where she is frustrated that she is unable to see them even when she does in fact want to see them.

We see a board in her room of a map as she manages to track members of Fairy Tail as she wants to try and get everyone together once more. The next day, it’s the last day of the Magic Games. We see the guilds Skull Millione and Dullahan Head battle it out for the final games.

Lucy tells Jason that it’s already been decides. She tells him that Dullahan Head are strong, but it seems that Skull Millione have been hiding their magic power. She thinks that it could be due to their bookies trying to make a little profit. Skull Millione wins. It seems that Lucy is a little disappointed that such people are the number 1 guild in Fiore.

Out of nowhere we see a man in a dark black cloak. It seems an intruder has shown up, the man walks up to the winners as Lucy feels that magic of this person. She tells Jason to tell everyone to get out of the stadium. This person is crazy powerful as he exerts a large amount of heat outwards which begins to melt everything around him.

The man asks if they’re the number 1 guild in Fiore, the man says that yes they are. The black-cloaked man gets ready and tells them that they’re his next challenge when he unleashes a massive amount of energy, heat and fire towards them. Everything is melting, sweating and fired up.

Lucy gets her shirt torn apart, she asks what this heat is when we see the face of this man. It’s the one and only Natsu in a brand new look. His hair has grown, his clothes are much more ragged, his shorts are nothing more than dirty. He has a scar on his belly, and has bandages all over his body.

He also has his usual scarf. It’s been a year and it seems that Natsu is finally back! Everyone quickly notices that it’s Natsu! Happy also says Hi to Lucy. Happy tells Lucy that Natsu had to see how strong the champions of the tournament were. They’ve all been flattened.

Natsu just wants to battle, many other mages get into the ring to battle as Natsu gets fired up, also the ring keeps on melting. Natsu notices Lucy, he says that it’s been a while as he notices her. She asks if he’s been okay. At that moment, she heard a voice inside her that Fairy Tail isn’t gone just yet. Fairy Tail 418 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, loved every bit of it, it’s nice to see Natsu have such an awesome and fantastic new look. Natsu seems crazy strong compared to last year. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 419, titled “A Message of Flames”, it will be awesome to see what he’s been up to.

There are 11 comments

    1. Sunite

      Comparing him to a year ago where we saw him fight Sting and Rogue alone, he’s definitely gotten a lot stronger. His heat and power even made Lucy not recognise him only after a year!


    1. Sunite

      Wow! that would just be awesome! I can’t wait to see how strong he’s gotten. I think Natsu’s somehow also upgraded how strong of a heat he gives out from his flames. He literally melted everything around him, even the stone and stadium.


  1. A random person

    I have a felling their is going to be some conflict between Grey and Natsu seeing as Grey has sworn to destroy E.N.D. Some how Grey will find out Natsu is E.N.D


  2. railgunfan75

    Great chapter! It was really nice to see how Natsu’s power has increased and it was done in a typical Natsu fashion. I’m sure Gray will find out that Natsu is E.N.D. whether that will be the final battle- I’m not sure. I’m suspecting that after some conflict between the two, they will all work together at the end against Zeref because that is was Fairy Tail does.


  3. unknowntheoryguy

    Well thats possible..because if natsu is end..what he need is to fight “himself”..cause if im not wrong , igneel oso said dat end is fire demon?i fgt…
    the demon book will unsealed and release natsu ”inside” power…and somehow…the other possible think is..u all remember the devil demon pet?maybe dat end…same like the other theory..the seal broken the power come out..
    and if natsu is END….he must control it then fuse it with lightning fire dragonslayer
    so it be like fabulous black demon lightning fire dragonslayer blablabla its sound weird tho…


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