The Next Generation – Naruto

After the end of Naruto, the manga, we understood that there would come a generation next to the one we currently know. Many of the characters had married and now even have a fantastic family with the ones they love. As this image shows, we see Boruto (bolt), Sarada, Shikadai, Himawari, Inojin and Chocho.

Naruto The Next Generation by mai-kuu

So a fantastic image of the next generation or what? I really like this image as it shows what we were used to in the generation we know off. Go check the artist out, mai-kuu, as they have individual images of them in very high detail. Very worth a check, also be sure to go ahead and share the to your favourite social network.


There are 3 comments

  1. Meimei

    I just hope that they don’t just focus on one child just being the shinoibi but also they make an interesting story with both. I really want to see himawari in this and have skills as a powerful kunoichi as well. I hope they make this fan very happy. I also have an awesome pic of her as a shinoibi


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