Igneel’s Dead!? Zeref’s Despair – Fairy Tail 414

Fairy Tail 414 shows the end of Igneel vs Acnologia as Igneel is ripped apart by Acnologia and his power, Igneel’s body is then blasted down by Acnologia’s beam. Zeref tells Natsu that he faces a great journey, if he can defend himself against Acnologia then Zeref will feed even more Despair onto Natsu in the future.

Fairy Tail 414 see’s Zeref with a smile on his face as he has the book of END in his right hand. Natsu knows who he is, however Gray, Sting and Rogue slowly figure it out. Zeref thanks Mard Geer telling him that he did well, however he can now go to sleep, Mard quickly mentions that he has realized what he wishes for, which he thinks to be that he creates demons to defeat and end his life.

However, Zeref closes his book and tells him that he can’t, then sets the book on fire. Gray asks if he created Mard, Zeref says yes, but he doesn’t need him anymore. Zeref wanted to fight and finish his fight against Natsu today, however Acnologia got in their way.

He says, if he will end history once again or will a miracle happen, he’s not sure himself. Natsu doesn’t know what he’s saying. Zeref mentions that if he can survive this desperate situation, he will give Natsu even more despair! Zeref turns around and walks away, disappearing in the wind. Gray is angry that he took the book away from him.

Acnologia and Igneel keep on battling, however Acnologia gets on top of Igneel is bashes him on the ground. Igneel asks if this is all he has, to which Igneel mentions that he’s been sleeping for a long time now. Igneel talks to Natsu telling him that he needs to tell him something.

There are two reasons we dragons stay within the body of dragon slayers. The first is to create antibodies that will stop his “Dragonification”, thanks to that he’s almost guaranteed that he won’t ever turn into a dragon. The seconds reason is because he’s been waiting for the chance of defeating Acnologia, the negative legacy they left.

Natsu kept on running, he tells Igneel to wait for him as he’s coming to help. Igneel tells him that Acnologia was stronger than he expected, he’ll just be caught in the battle, Natsu just keeps on running. If they join forces, we’ll be invincible! Igneel gets hit various times here but still has the energy to fly.

He was waiting for this moment, Igneel mentions. For the time he could finally kill Acnologia with his own two hands. Igneel approaches and Acnologia and bites his arm off! However, there is one thing missing. Igneel has taken so much damage that half his body is missing!

Igneel’s left side has been obliterated, Igneel still had so much power to bite Acnologia’s arm off. However, now Igneel’s body falls to the ground. Igneel tells Natsu that he’s been watching him all this time. He really grew up. Acnologia powers up his attack and dishes it all out. Igneel finally tells Natsu, the days he’s spent with him were the happiest of his whole life, he gave him the power to love Humans. RIP Igneel! Fairy Tail 414 ends here.

It’s truly sad to see Igneel die against such an opponent but we all knew that it was coming. After the arrival of the other dragons, Acnologia is stronger than all of them. Nevertheless, the story has gotten a lot more interesting. What will Natsu do now, can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 415, titled “And that is the will to live”!


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