A Year In Review of Bleach (2014)

This fantastic piece of artwork describes the most of which happened during the 2014 period of Bleach manga. Spoilers ahead, caution to those who don’t read the manga. A lot has happened during the 2014 that we could say is awesome within the world of Bleach. Many fans have given up, however there are a strong few, like myself, who still love the series! This featured image describes Bleach 2014 perfectly. 

A Year with Bleach 2014 by tommo2304

This review images covers some very important points in the world of Bleach, described below:

  • Rukia vs Äs Nödt, featuring Rukia’s Bankai Hakka no Togame and Tatar Foras
  • Ichigo’s new outfit
  • Yoruichi’s return to the story
  • Ganju’s return to the story
  • Kenpachi vs Gremmy, featuring Nozarashi’s reveal and the meteorite threat
  • Pepe’s love war, Pepe vs Byakuya
  • Mayuri vs Giselle
  • Bazz-B’s overall presence in the war
  • The Royal Guard vs The Elite Guard
  • Ichibei vs Yhwach

The artist, Tommo2304 has done an awesome job of putting everything in one image, if you like their work here be sure to go ahead and check their profile out. Otherwise be sure to share and comment below telling us your favourite moments of Bleach manga from 2014.

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