Natsu defeats Loke! Liberum Continues – Fairy Tail 214

Fairy Tail 214 continues with the battle as Natsu finally defeats and closes the gate for Loke while we continue on to see Liberum continue to be performed. An episode which I found okay, not that it was any significant, it’s just an episode that focuses on the battle between Natsu and Loke. 

Fairy Tail 214 begins as everyone meets up as they’ve defeated their own Celestial Spirit, they talk about how they all felt a tremor and that they still haven’t seen most of the others. Loke enables the Globe, it begins to show the celestial stars of the different animals that were already defeated.

Loke mentions that these are the ones that have been defeated, however he can still cast the Liberum and set them free with the help of Ophiuchus. The Globe begins to shine red as it begins to restart the process once more. Loke and the others have already prepared to face the 12 days. Hisui finds that there may be something bad going on.

Natsu and Loke begin their battle as Loke once again gains the upper hand even if they’re using similar moves. Wendy also begins her task to get the Celestial Globe, Natsu and Loke use their hands, their feet and everything else to battle. The globe begins to use self defense to stop Wendy and others from approaching.

Natsu’s powers get stolen to which Natsu gets bashed and pushed back, however he steps up and once again pushes Loke back. They both attack each other, it seems like they’re equals. Wendy gets close enough but the globe just electrocute her. Loke uses the distraction to get Natsu. We see Virgo and Lucy’s fight when Virgo is hit by the Liberum beam, she knows it’s resumed.

Yukino and Libra also battle, as she’s also hit by the beam. Natsu begins to lose as he’s punched back every time. Wendy is okay, Happy tries to get through to Liberum but fails, Wendy decides to try again as Natsu is also trying his best. She tries but just gets hit and nearly falls off again. Natsu has no more energy.

Natsu tells Loke to stop this, Loke attacks as Natsu just grabs his hand and eats his flame, he then uses its power to launch it at Loke, mixing fire and darkness. Loke is defeated and blocked. Liberum doesn’t stop, Hisui notices something Ophiuchus says about their lord. Fairy Tail 214 ends here.

An okay episode, it seems that Ophiuchus is their next target in this battle. I just can’t wait to end this arc already, it seems somewhat pointless and boring. Anyways, next week’s Fairy Tail 215, titled “Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer” should mostly feature Ophiuchus and Hisui and so on.

What do you think?

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