Zeref Appears! Book of End – Fairy Tail 413

Fairy Tail 413 see’s the end of Face weapon as they’re all destroyed ever before END can come out, we see each and everyone dragon help out by destroying Face. Gray and Natsu may fight for the Book of END when we get s surprise appearance from Zetsu! He mentions that the book belongs to him, thus should keep it.

Fairy Tail 413 begins as the dragons go ahead and destroy everything on their path, after a while Erza and others receive a signal that they’ve lost signal to their Face weapon. They’re finally satisfied that it’s been stopped, but others see that they’re dragons have helped them.

Gray picks up the END book as Mard Geer notices that he’s been defeated. Igneel mentions that Skiadrum, Metalicana and Grandeeney are all alive. They have all been inside them sealed by a spell. Natsu mentions that he doesn’t remember eating him. Igneel mentions that there are reason they had to do that, one was to prevent them turning into a dragon like Acnologia.

He goes to mention the second when Acnologia gets back up, he mentions that he’ll talk to him after he’s dealt with Acnologia. Gray has the book, Natsu wants the book too. Both Acnologia and Igneel battle each other with massive waves of power. Acnologia is told that his mission is done as his fear for END is no more.

Then is told to leave humans alone. Acnologia mentions that he’s not fearful of anything, he’s Acnologia, the King of the Dragons! He was once a human, he won’t let Natsu or any of them turn into something like him he mentions. Acnologia mentions that his desire is the destruction of everything.

Gray and Natsu see like they’re going to have a stand off, however Sting and Rogue try to stop them from fighting. Gray looks at his hands when the book is missing. Someone steps forward, mentioning that the book belongs to him, thus he’s here to take it back. It’s really important to him. Zeref has showed up! The absolute evil and END’s creator once again shows up! Fairy Tail 413 ends here.

A crazy cool chapter with Zeref showing up seems like it’s getting to its climax right about now, it may seem like they’re accomplished, but the battle is just starting between Fairy Tail and the great Zeref. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 414, titled “Drop of Flames”.


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