Town of Magnolia! Blue Skull – Fairy Tail Zero 6

Fairy Tail Zero 6 see’s Yuriy, Precht and Warrod walk throughout the town to see it being taken over by the Blue Skull guild, the town is deserted with Mavis and other fighting against them to lose. Warrod, Precht and Yuriy seem to all be hurt after going at it against them, they run into the jungle to get some cover. 

Fairy Tail Zero 6 see’s Mavis and other entering the town when they meet an old man, he tells them to go back as this town as gone to trash, after Blue Skull arrived, the village became worse and worse. Out of nowhere the man gets shot by a Blue Skull magician who next aims for Mavis.

They aim but Mavis is helped by Yuriy who covers her, it seems that they’ve just killed the old without noticing how bad of an act that is. Warrod, Precht and Yuriy all attack them and win however reinforcement arrives, Mavis begins her Illusion magic to try and scare them, the others are scared when she asks for them to see her master.

He appears, she asks about the Tenrou Jade that they stole, to which he quickly mentions that he may have no intention of giving it back. He notices that Mavis is sweating, he quickly figures out that what Mavis has done is more than just an illusion. Her power begins to wither away in front of everyone.

They’re surrounded, but keep their heads together as they try to break their lines. Mavis is helped by Zeira who helped her to get out. Yuriy throws out a crystal bomb but fails as the master redirects it towards Yuriy, he’s blown away. Precht is next as he’s quickly targeted and his right eye is blown away by one of the fire magical bullets. He too falls.

Warrod is the only one left, he gets away from them by somehow breaking their line while carrying Precht and Yuriy on his shoulder. Mavis is also with Warrod, the master stops them from chasing on as he thinks that they’re not going to return after what happened. They go into the jungle to meet a certain person. Fairy Tail Zero 6 ends here.

To be continued, as I might have a certain idea of who they’ll meet next, possibly Poly from the current series who helps out folks from Fairy Tail. A good chapter, lots of background, and we know how Hades/Precht got his right eye taken off. Can’t wait for the next chapter, Fairy Tail Zero 7.


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