Erza defeats Sagittarius! Loke’s Plan – Fairy Tail 213

Fairy Tail 213 see’s Gajeel and Lily beat Gemini, with Erza also defeating Sagittarius with Natsu and Wendy going up against Ophiuchus and Loke. It seems that Loke has something up his sleeve to which Natsu and Wendy will soon find out. An average episode with some funny bits here and there, ultimately a filler.

Fairy Tail 213 begins as Gajeel and Lily have both been captured by Gemini. They try their best to get out to which Gajeel is able to get out of the cage they’re in. He keeps on running as Gemini chases for him. Out of nowhere, he chases into some bears and other animals to which Gajeel bully’s them to helping him defeat Gemini.

He does do his best to which both Gemini attack each other, overall Gajeel uses his Iron magic to defeat and lock for of them. Hisui and Arcadios both talk to which then go ahead to see what everyone is else is doing. Virgo chases down Lucy when she tries to force a close of her but misses, then Lucy has to go ahead and run from her.

Erza and Sagittarius are up next, their first challenge would be to use a bow and arrow to hit, Erza gets both of them and wins. Next is a battle between who the quickest us, Sagittarius wins. Next up is a battle between by using horses to battle each other and this time Erza changes up her game as she is getting pushed around, she uses Sagittarius as her horse and defeats him. He clearly know and does get defeated.

Next up we see Ophiuchus get Wendy in an attack to which Natsu evades and uses Happy to charge, helping Wendy to escape from where. Loke then appears telling Ophiuchus to back off, to which Loke then mentions that his plan is not done yet, they enter the cage and the outside wall disappears. Ophiuchus’ true form appears as they’re plan is going to complete. Fairy Tail 213 ends here.

A great episode with lots of story, the story has developed and it seems to be getting better, the story itself isn’t appealing to me though. However I’m sure it’s good or better than what I think to many others. Next week’s Fairy Tail 214 should be good as Natsu and Loke seem to have began fighting again and some more rituals happen.

What do you think?

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