Gaara’s First Friend! Targeting Madara – Naruto Shippuden 388

Naruto Shippuden 388 spends an episode with Gaara’s past as we go through it all again to learn that Naruto was Gaara’s first friend. While Naruto targets Madara using one of his large Rasen-Shuriken, everyone follows his attack to quickly seal Madara and end the battle. 

Naruto Shippuden 388 see’s Obito finally realizing that Naruto’s footsteps seem to be absolute since Naruto has a great path where all of his comrades will follow him. Hashirama sets Madara up when Madara is stuck while his chakra gets sucked. Sai helps Naruto get back down safely.

Gaara sets up and talks t Shukaku and tells him that he needs his help to fight against Madara. Shukaku begins to talk when he agrees while other Jinchuuriki’s also want to help. Son Goku asks Gaara if Naruto and Gaara are friends. We see past from Gaara where he’s still young and destroying  the village. He seems to have nobody who loves or wants to play with him.

He is very alone, he is told about having love and someone who loves him, however it seems that his own village doesn’t want to know him because of whats inside him. He goes crazy and completely transforms as he destroys the village.

The next day he’s different and Temari and Kankuro are unable to stand him. Naruto and Gaara first met but he seemed like an idiot back then. However as he got to know Naruto, his words got into his heart and made him think about things.

When Sakura and Sasuke were both taken down, Naruto tried to his best battle him, but every time he backed him back, Naruto came back even stronger. Naruto told him that because they acknowledge him and who he is, Naruto had to fight with all his power, to a point where he beat Gaara up.

Gaara then realized that love is what made him strong. After that he learned that he wanted people to want him, thus he wanted to be liked and thus wanted to aim to be the Kazekage. When his Bijuu was taken away, he didn’t know what he was doing, he didn’t know if anyone wanted him.

However Naruto appeared and saved him, he was someone who he looked up to and thus was first true friend. We get back when Gaara tells Son Goku that Naruto is his first friend. Son laughs and agrees to go with him. Naruto Shippuden 388 ends here.

A good episode, but once again it is one of those episodes where I have seen it all before and got a little tired of it all. Still I’m hoping the next chapter will be good, this time it seems to be about Hinata, Naruto Shippuden 389, titled “The Adored Elder Sister”.

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  1. narutoget

    The Last – Naruto the Movie is a sluggish animated feature that only offers the big milestone fans have been clamoring for between Naruto and Hinata. This feels like it stretches out a thin concept and over complicates it just to make it work.


  2. dragonballgo

    “Naruto” owes much of its popularity to a winning mixture of magical ninja techniques, fights, slapstick comedy and friendship…”Road to Ninja” provides all the familiar elements and just enough sentiment to delight the legions of Naruto fans.


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