Eclipse Gate Caused Celestial Spirit Mayhem – Fairy Tail 207

Fairy Tail 207 see’s Princess Hisui and Arcadios meet Natsu and others, telling them that Eclipse Gate caused the Celestial World and Spirits to go on rampage. The Gate’s power also changed the worlds climate and all the problems that came from it. She is also a Celestial Spirit Mage who created some keys which allows her to disable and force the gates of the Spirit’s. 

Fairy Tail 207 begins as Hisui and Arcadios go around town when they stumble upon Natsu and the others. She mentions that they’re going to Fairy Tail HQ. Lucy tells her whats going on with her when Hisui mentions that all of this is due to her faults, the Eclipse Gate cause all of this and blames herself for it.

She reveals that she is also a Celestial Spirit Mage who had created some special keys which can force close the door between this world and the spirit world. She felt bad for what she did, however now she’s okay. Out of nowhere a gust of wind appears with a man in blue and a large shark appears.

Yukino explains that it’s Pisces, they take the keys when Natsu chases down the boy, Sonny. They get to fight each other with Sonny’s attacks neutralizing each others. Yukino and Levy also go to fight the large mother shark. Both Natsu and Sonny fight but they seem to be equally matched until Natsu is attacked by a special attack.

Yukino’s spirits aren’t able to do a lot since the mother shark is quite strong. Pisces seems to have drank water even if it’s her weakness. Yukino brings another spirit to battle for her, he tries his best and gets an attack on her. Next up Arcadios appears and saves Yukino by punching her.

Natsu is then blow away by Sonny’s attack, Arcadios keeps on fighting to the best of his abilities. Natsu and Sonny talk when Natsu somehow tricks him away from the keys. Lucy tries to kick but fails, Plue comes out but disappears. Natsu arrives and punches the mother to Sonny.

They have the keys, they attack back even harder this time and get the keys from them. However after they leave, it seems that Arcadios had swapped the cases and he replaced them with another.  Fairy Tail 207 ends here.

A good-ish chapter, the episodes seems to just be getting more and more uninteresting, Anyways the series have to carry on, so I’ll be going through the same thing in next week’s Fairy Tail 208, titled “Astral Spirytus”.

What do you think?

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