One Hell of a Birthday from Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki turned a year older within the manga series, during this time he wasn’t quite celebrating his birthday but in fact he did have one hell of a lot of things during this time. To celebrate a little to Naruto’s Birthday and what happened then, here are a few things that happened throughout this period of time, around 72 hours around his birthday.

Naruto Manga Volume 70

  • Learned who his mother was (Minato was one lucky man).
  • Began controlling the nine-tails chakra.
  • Managed to conquer his dark emotions.
  • Stop an onslaught of Zetsu spawn assassinating everything.
  • Battled a revived Nagato, and Itachi (Super mind control crow GO!).
  • Defeated the Third Raikage in one-on-one combat.
  • Started combat 2v7 against Tobi (Obito), and the revived Jinchuriki with Killer Bee(Old people showed up too).
  • With the help of Kakashi, and Guy; finally learned who Tobi was.
  • Finally got Kurama on his side and became friends with him.
  • The 10-tails is revived and begins to attack everyone
  • Neji a good friend dies protecting him, and Hinata (KEIKAKU intensifies).
  • Ends up giving everyone some Nine tailed demon chakra to keep up the fight (This is 300+ people).
  • The Past Hokage return saving everyone’s buttes.
  • Speaks to his father for the first time (The invasion of Pain was just Minato’s chakra imprint).
  • Battles with Sasuke side by side again first time in a long time.
  • Obito becomes the 10-tails Jinchuriki.
  • Naruto, and Sasuke combine their powers several times.
  • Figures out the Obito can only be injured by Senjutsu.
  • Finally uses talk no jutsu on Obito, and sways him.
  • Madara becomes the new ten tails Jinchuriki.
  • Gains Godlike power from the father of ninja.
  • Stops Guy’s certain death from turning to ash with godlike powers (literal Jesus of ninja).
  • Zetsu reveals that he is pulling the strings on Madara, only to have his strings pulled by Kaguya (To which there are no string on her).
  • The Fucking tree puts everyone in a coma preparing to make Zetsu bodies (except Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Obito, and Sakura).
  • Naruto, and Sasuke battle evil bunny goddess, and TreeMan in several dimensions.
  • Naruto, and Sasuke almost die if it wasn’t for Obito sacrificing himself.
  • Kakashi, by order of plot, gets samurai Susanoo with wings (cry some more Sasuke).
  • Finally defeat playboy bunny goddess with a two-pronged attack.
  • Minato finally tells his boy happy birthday.
  • Sasuke goes “VIVA LA REVOLUCIÓN.”
  • Naruto, and Sasuke clash once more.
  • Sasuke admits defeat to Naruto.

The bullet points above are spoilers, so try not to cry if you find out something you’re not supposed to know yet. Also the above was posted on the Naruto subreddit by Forward_to_Dawn. What are your thoughts on Naruto’s Birthday? Did he generally have a good one?

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