Obito’s Hokage Dream! Chasing Kakashi – Naruto Shippuden 385

Naruto Shippuden 385 repeats a lot as it once again shows Obito’s past as he chases after Kakashi in an attempt to impress Rin. We see Obito think about his thoughts of his past while Naruto tries to convince him that what he’s doing is a wrong. The past stuff recap episodes are really getting on my nerve!

Naruto Shippuden 385, a very frustrating episode as we just get repeats of nonsense I don’t care about. It begins with Naruto explains to Obito his ambitions and how he could have been following Obito instead. Obito mentions that he’s the second Sage of Six Paths. We see Obito’s past, as a kid when he was talking to Rin.

She told him that he will always be at his side following him. Naruto is pissed off that Obito isn’t listening, there is no shortcut to becoming a Hokage. You have to walk forward of everyone to become a Hokage. We see Obito go to the registration late, however Rin had helped him out.

He always gets to class late, while he noticed Rin looking at Kakashi, he isn’t as skilled as him. They fought and Kakashi had also just won. He is embarrassed about what is happening to him. Kakashi passed and become a Shinobi, however Obito was pissed off and mentioned that he’ll catch up to him!

Rin is asked by Obito for her to always watch over him, he will become Hokage. He trained hard and also passed the Shinobi challenge. He is happy to become one. Minato is told by Hiruzen to become Kakashi’s teacher. They join with Rin and Obito in the same team, they take a picture together. Obito and Naruto talk, not listening to each other. Naruto Shippuden 385 ends here.

An episode to watch I guess, just repeating everything over and over again seems to have tired me out. Hopefully next week’s Naruto Shippuden 386, titled “I’m always watching” Wont be a crap episode.

What do you think?

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