Quest Complete! Excalibur Achieved – Sword Art Online II 17 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II has once again aired, with it comes Kirito and the others as they face Thrym when they’re surprised by the appearance of Thor who smashes Thrym and takes over. Kirito and the others go down below to obtain the Excalibur which Kirito obviously takes, on top of which Klein also gets a legendary hammer. 

Sword Art Online II, the second season in fact seems to be very different from the first. Yes there are the same character, however to me it seems that it has lost it’s touch as a series. It’s definitely pointing a lot of things that build up to the next big arc but still, it seems like there is a lot missing.

On top of this, this week’s episode wasn’t brilliant, nor was it crap. It was somewhere in the middle, the series seems to be throwing out these fights with no true intentions except for what we might see in the future. I’ve done minimal research on this, more crazy stuff does happen. We have around 7 more episodes left, if it finishes at a maximum of 24 episodes.

Of those 7 episodes, I just hope they don’t try and end it with a cliff hanger. And of those 7 episodes, I hope they don’t try and create a crappy season or some kind of filler. I would like a good arc since this Excalibur has ended, something with action as well as emotion and adventure. For the moment, I’ve lost a little hope for the series, and so has one of my friend. Still I’ll keep an eye out for next week’s Sword Art Online II 18, titled “Forest House”.

What do you think?

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