Erza vs Kyouka! The Power of Light – Fairy Tail 403

Fairy Tail 403 shows the real strength of Erza as she endures maximum pain from Kyouka to which she looses all her sense, she fights to keep the light she has in her and defeat and stop Kyouka. Erza looses her sound, touch, smell, taste and sight making her unable to do anything, however she uses something else to fight against Kyouka while others watch on.

Fairy Tail 403 begins as Kyouka breaks Erza’s armor hurting her, she then screams to which the timer on the Face Activation clock changes, Erza tries to attack however Kyouka evades and mentions that her power grows stronger everyone second, there is no limit.

Face’s activation will end her life thus she has no regret as this will be for the best as END can be revived and she can return to Zeref. Erza tells her that she won’t return to him, all she is doing is giving up to death. Kyouka enables her electrical powers which affects everything in the surrounding area as the slightest of sense will create pain.

Everyone feels this, with Erza getting the strongest. Any sense will create hell for all of them, Erza is hurt the most, so is everyone else. Kyouka kicks Erza which has her hurt a lot, the timer even goes down even more. Kyouka call this her final torture as she begins to target her senses, first her sight. Then her touch, taste, smell, her sound is also taken away.

She seems to be at a place where she is unable to feel or see or do anything. Kyouka laughs calling this her victory, her soul will pass while the others won’t at all. She mentions that she will not kill Erza, but in fact she will made a puppet of the dark king.  Day by day, her body and soul will be torn away.

Out of nowhere Erza begins to speak mentioning that she can see, she begins to get up mentioning that whatever she has stolen from her, the light that lights her path cannot be stolen by anyone. Erza begins to get up as Kyouka finds it impossible.

Erza changes her uniform and mentions if she cannot see or hear, she still has that light within her. The path she walks on now will forever be one that allow her to see tomorrow. Erza punches Kyouka and it hits, she mentions that she has no pain or fear. Ultimate pain is the pain of losing that light. Fairy Tail 403 ends here.

A great chapter with a lot of action, it seems that Erza is not useless after all, even with losing all of her senses she is definitely a strong opponent and definitely an S class mage. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 404, titled “00:00” when we see the countdown of the Face activation sequence.

There are 6 comments

  1. mabritish

    I wonder if this will be Ezra’s powerup. since the manga started she never had a powerup. she really deserves ONE. anyway it was a good chapter.


  2. Zayel kai

    See again she defeated badly but again…she got up getting all new powers
    …fairytail that’s the reason why I don’t like reading…..friends this friends that…..


  3. warmate

    I am tired of some anime’s/manga’s because the good guys always power up and fight more whereas the bad guys are the exact opposite…sometimes they should make some majorly good characters die


    1. Sunite

      That would equal in terms of a fair anime and series, however this if Fairy Tail. It’s somewhat a kids show, with some bits here and there not exactly for kids. So not all of them are going to die.


  4. Obito

    nakama power again im geting tired of fairy tail really…everything is so predictable…1/10 for this chapter seen the same 1000 times so far


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