Naruto Manga to End in 5 Weeks

The Naruto manga series has been going for around 15 years now, and as one of the big 3 anime’s, its the first to announce the ending of its manga series. The Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine announces that the manga series only has 5 more chapters until the series ends on 50th magazine issue published on the 10th of November, meaning the manga will end on Naruto 700th chapter.

Masashi himself mentioned in 2012, that the series is coming to its climax, and in around two years or so the series will be ending. He was correct as he had already had an idea for the current ending we’re about to get. The series has created a lot of anime related mediums such as films, OVA, games and much more. The series still has the film titled “The Last – Naruto The Move” to open in Japan on the 6th of December.

Naruto Manga Volume 70

Naruto Manga Volume 70

This is truly sad news to hear as Naruto was my first anime series which I actually loved and got me to explore into the awesome world of anime and manga. On that note, the anime is quite a few chapters behind the manga however it is quickly approaching. Nevertheless, it will take some time to catch up, thus I guess we should also prepare to give the series a proper goodbye.

Please go ahead and tell me what you’re thoughts on using the comment section below, lets talk about this.

Source: SJ, CR, ANN

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  1. Kid Assassin

    Oh Well all good things must End But Naruto was a true Epic Anime but i can’t say its the 1st anime i watched that Goes to Bleach bt Im going to be Crying with the rest of the Anime World When It Ends..But i wonder if naruto Continued and Naruto and Sasuke Died Who would be Next Indra and Ashura. oh well we wouldn’t find out


    1. Sunite

      I guess the story would go on then 😛 We’d have to have another new series with futuristic weapons and such because it seems like it can only happen after a few generation. It’s been a great journey, it was my first official anime so it was awesome!


    1. Sunite

      It is based on the new movie “That Last – Naruto The Movie”, it’s supposed to tell the future of what happened and such for the characters, we might see them all again 😛


  2. warmate

    There’s nothing more for kishi to draw we started from naruto’s first enemy MIZUKI to OROCHIMARU to AKATSUKI to OBITO to THE JUUBI to MADARA to KAGUYA and now back to SASUKE well we just have to wait until naruto and sasuke’s battle ends before we say goodbye…


  3. Jasper Williams

    5 chapters is too short for naruto and sasuke’s fiqht thouqh…don’t know what kishi is thinkinq…Naruto was ma first anime and will always be the best for me…i use to look forward to readinq the manqa every wednesdays after lectures cause without it ma week always remained incomplete…i love naruto so much and it pains me that its qonna end soon…well…oneday i’lld like to tell ma kids about it….thanks kishi san…#TeamNaruto


    1. Sunite

      Just bear in mind that Naruto manga has been going for 15 years! That’s a long time, and a massive amount from Masashi’s life too. I guess he can now move onto something new a better bigger project?


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