Frosch’s Way Back Home – Fairy Tail 202

Fairy Tail 202 follows the journey of Frosch as he slowly makes his way back home to the Sabertooth guild hall. Rogue, Sting, Yukino and Lector follow behind as Frosch meets many different people in his journey alone to get back home, it’s both inspiring and awesome.

Fairy Tail 202, a short and sweet episode about Frosch and his journey throughout the town as he gets lost. We begin as both him and Lector are out buying presents and such when he gets lost. Sting and the others enjoy their time at their own local pool, so do the members of Fairy Tail in their own pool.

Lector arrives and tells everyone he’s missing, Rogue, Rogue and Yukino all go out to look for him. They ask Gajeel, Lily mentions that the last time he saw him was around 10 minutes ago. They chase him down when Wendy is asked next about where they could have seen him.

Carla mentions that he was in an specific direction, they head there next. Ichiya is next as he is asked if he’s seen, all he does it piss Rogue off as he shoves his private parts into Rogue’s face. They keep on moving, they notice him looking at a map. They restrict themselves from helping as he’s looking at a map.

They want to give him the time to let himself find him on his own. He keeps on going when he’s nearly hit by a horse carriage, however Rogue helps out without getting noticed. They keep on following when Millianna and Kagura both battle it out to keep Frosch but can’t as he’s already walked off while they were talking.

Next up Frosch encounters some gangsters who are frog traders, he evades them as he’s too quick for them, then Natsu, Happy and Lucy show up to help him out as more show up. Natsu just uses his own power to kick their ass.

Frosch walks off again when he meets Gray and Juvia, this time he gets a little emotional and mentions that he’s lost. Gray and Juvia decide to help but he mentions that he’s part of Sabertooth and thus he will make his own way home. He goes on and walks off.

This time he meets Erza to which he reveals that he bought a gift for Rogue which is an equal frog pair for him which Erza tries on. Frosch asks for direction and goes on. He keeps on going until he goes to the next town, he reaches a guild hall, however when he gets there it’s the wrong one as he’s arrived at the Fairy Tail guild hall. Fairy Tail 202 ends here.

A great episode, even if it’s a little bit of a spoiler, however it begins to get a little of the same as we see more of these until we can once again get to the action. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 203, titled “Moulin Rouge” when we see Erza find a person acting like her while more fun stuff happens.


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