Naruto and Minato! Two Kurama’s – Naruto Shippuden 380

Naruto Shippuden 380 shows the joining of Naruto and Minato as they both fist bump and attack themselves allowing for both parts of Kurama to meet each other. They use that Kurama’s power to allows for the transportation of everyone outside the Barrier created by Obito allowing for no one to die as the Bijuu Dama’s explode. 

Naruto Shippuden 380 begins as Minato and his Kurama talk about about Minato realises that Naruto has changed. We see Naruto and his move to have had some damage on Obito. Obito realises the type of attack and notices that he cannot get hit again.

Naruto explains to others about using Sage Power that works, using Nature energy against him. Obito climbs up while Tobirama mentions that Naruto is doing a good job, as though he’s fighting just like his brother.

Obito gets ready and brings out a tree, a few flowers spawn up to which they begin to create Bijuu Dama’s. Obito realises that there is nothing they can do. Everyone else realises that they can’t do a lot now. Minato also can’t get rid of the Bijuu Dama. Hashirama also tries to get Madara to look at this comrade.

Obito places a barrier covering everyone in a circle to which it blocks everyone’s way out. Obito begins to cover himself in his own black defense. Naruto mentions that he has an idea, he asks for him to fist bump him.

He does so  and both Kurama’s show each other as both of them can communicate with each other. Obito begins to mentions that tomorrow is the anniversary of Minato and Kushina’s death! It also means that it is his birthday and the say he was born. Naruto mentions that it’s not over yet.

Minato mentions that their son has grown up now. Naruto and Minato fist bump while both Kurama’s also do this, they’re ready to share chakra. The Bijuu Dama’s are about to launch when we learn a little about Naruto’s plan.

Minato looks at Naruto as though he’s sorry, it’s been tough on him, however it’s about to become more tough as he mentions this. Naruto gets ready and the chakra clad reappears on everyone once more. Everyone gets ready as they touch Naruto, even Jugo and Sasuke.

The Bijuu Dama’s release when Minato and Naruto activate, the bombs go off and the massive explosion appears above the sky as it travels up. Everyone seems to be okay as Obito realises that everyone has been transported out of the barrier.

We see that Minato used his powers in order to transport everyone, they used the ability of linking one’s chakra to use it as a touching each other and transporting them. It used a lot of Minato and Kurama’s chakra however they’re all okay now.

Tobirama explains the theory using Shadow Clones to which Naruto doesn’t get it at all, when Naruto mentions how he knows so much, when Tobirama mentions that he’s the one who created the technique.

We see Naruto mention to Minato that he already knows everyone, he already talked to Kushina and her chakra before. We see a bit of the past when Kushina tells Naruto as a child what to do and how to grow up well during their last few minutes. We also see Minato looking at Naruto as he’s proud. Naruto Shippuden 380 ends here.

A great and fantastic episode with lots of awesome and cool bit and bobs here. I can’t wait to see what happens next with Obito against Sasuke and Naruto. On top of which Madara and Hashirama’s fight in next week’s Naruto Shippuden 381, titled “The Divine Tree”.

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