Death Gun’s Hand! Winning BoB – Sword Art Online II 13 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode 13 has aired and it’s surprisingly awesome, from Kirito and Sinon winning against Death Gun, we go ahead and see Shinkawa as one of Death Gun’s hands working behind the scene to kill his targets. We also see Sinon in real life deal with Shinkawa as she gains enough strength to fight him off when Kirito appears to help and fight against him. 

It’s nice to know that Sinon and Kirito have won the battle and also awesome to see that they will once again battle with each other in the next Bullet of Bullets tournament. I found this episode to begin quite well and end with an even intensity then what was started.

The past few episodes have had half good and half crap while this episode has been one hell of a ride. I knew that Shinkawa was a crazy dude who may as well turn out to be one of the evil guys. One thing that was mentioned is the fact that he’s one of many hands working for the main guy.

I believe that Shinkawa was just a hand while his brother was in fact Death Gun himself, Sterben. The ending left me wanting more, the fact that Kirito appeared all by himself against Shinkawa is awesome because we know that Kirito will never give up when he wants to save Asada.

I really want to see what comes next, it’s going to be awesome Sword Art Online II 14. Nevertheless, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the episode, use the comment section below to tell me what you think. Go ahead.

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