Zeref’s Annihilation! Natsu and Lucy’s Job – Fairy Tail 201

Fairy Tail 201 see’s Natsu and Lucy look for a job when they’re met by a huge mole, they’re then met with Gray, Erza and Wendy who help them out and get the job done. Mavis and Zeref meet to which Zeref explains that he has decided on his action to kill everyone and restart everything allowing for a one sided annihilation. 

Fairy Tail 201 begins as Fairy Tail members return to the village, they’re cheered by the whole town, on top of that they’re guild is repaired and fixed by them all. They’re all very proud of whats happening.

Natsu and the other begin the day by going on a job to which they quickly get to it. They arrive at the village to find it covered with mud. They quickly find that there is a massive mole there which chases them down. It keeps escaping all their attacks, also it chases down Lucy.

Erza, Gray and Wendy arrive to help to which they’re greeted and also take part. Lucy uses her spirit to allow Natsu to go underneath the Mud and find the Mole to which they do when are quickly attacked. Gray, Wendy and Natsu all attack but miss.

They just keep hitting each other. The mole chases them when Gray creates an ice structure. The mole just gets beneath and Natsu destroys the ice. It looks at Lucy when she keeps on running with all her might.

Natsu and the others try to attack but doesn’t work. They learn that the mole was left by the owner, however as it got bigger it’s hatred grew and now hates the village. Plus it’s mating season so it’s chasing after Lucy.

Lucy is put on a boat with a wedding dress when they all decide to attack her. Virgo is brought out to help as she swims out of control. Then Virgo helps to defeat the mole. Natsu and the others use their attacks on it too. They hit it a capture it.

We learn that the mole wanted to mate, when Virgo just brings out a crab looking huge animal and they fall in love. They go ahead into the mud again. We see Mavis with Zeref talk to each other even when Zeref can’t see him.

They talk about what Zeref will do next since he’s planning on destroying everyone on Earth and restarting a whole new world with harmony. He plans on destroying everyone when Mavis mentions that Fairy Tail will stop him. Zeref is also waiting for Natsu’s final battle. Fairy Tail 201 ends here.

A great chapter with lots of awesome stuff, plus it seems that we’ll be returning to the main canon next arc soon. So can’t wait for that. I can’t stand these chapters. Also can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 202, titled “Welcome Home, Frosch”.

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