Natsu vs Mard Geer! Erza vs Kyouka – Fairy Tail 402

Fairy Tail 402 shows the beginning battle of Natsu vs Mard Geer as Natsu hits every punch and kick he throws at Mard, while Erza and Kyouka battle it out to stop Face! Kyouka is ordered to combine with the Face interface and speed up its activation to which she then also enables her Etherias form.

Fairy Tail 402 begins as Natsu gets to Mard Geer and equally punches him answering Mard’s question that he is Igneel’s son. Mard is quickly pushed back as he’s shocked to see that he has a son. He’s also kicked in the face. Natsu mentions that he’s taking END book and putting an end to Face.

Mard Geer swerves his hands to enable his attack, Thorns, to which Natsu evades all of them. Then gets close to Mard to punch him in the face, this time he uses his Fire Dragon’s Iron Fist, at the same time we see Igneel punch Acnologia too.

Both of which are pushed back while Mard has a smile on his face, he contacts Kyouka telling her to fuse herself with control interface to speed up the activation of Face. She realises that this will indeed kill herself to which then is told that it will all be for their victory and the revival of END and it being all for Zeref!

Kyouka quickly mentions that she is only but a piece in the bigger plan, she connects herself and shows some of the markers available to which they show a lot of them. She completes the Organic Link and then quickly targets Erza as she’s feeling confident.

She hits Erza with her new form as she describes herself as the Nine Demons’ Slave Star Angel, Kyouka’s True Nature, her Etherias Form. The attack had pierced Erza’s armor. A great battle is about to begin as this week’s chapter ends here.

A great chapter with lots of build ups to many more battles, Mard vs Natsu will definitely be a good one to look forward to. However next week’s Fairy Tail 403, titled “Erza vs Kyouka”, we will concentrate on their battle..

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  1. mabritish

    haha yeah u are right @rise. but I guess we shouldn’t be shocked. throughout the series natsu always power-up when he is emotional. The POWER OF FEELINGS OR THE FLAME OF EMOTIONS. plus now he got his father right beside him. all in all, It was a great chapter. can’t wait to see gildarts.


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