Mavis On Adventure! Tenrou Jade Stolen – Fairy Tail Zero 3

Fairy Tail Zero 3 battles Yuriy as Mavis seems to have thought over him in a way he never imagined, plus it seems that Warrod and Precht have gone ahead to find the Tenrou Jade missing. Mavis asks if she can accompany them in seeing the world as well as find the Tenrou Island, to bring back. 

Fairy Tail Zero 3 begins as Mavis mentions that it does not matter if she goes first or second, she will win in one round. Mavis mentions that as the magic circle acts as the referee she is certain that she will win. Yuriy mentions that he’s been playing since he was a kid and never has he lost in one round.

He thinks it’s just a bluff when he goes on to mention that he’s going to ask. He goes to mention that the bird behind her is her pet, to which she says no and doesn’t let him even finish his sentence. Mavis mentions that he’s made a mistake and therefore she wins. He mentions that he didn’t even get to finish his sentence. Mavis doesn’t understand as there was no rule about finishing their sentence.

From what she heard, she imply’s that he said that the bird is her, to which is incorrect as she is an human. Yuriy complains that it’s not correct as she didn’t even let him finish his sentence. She is told that one must let the other finish their sentence.

It’s her turn now to which she mentions that she is certain to win, and thus he must keep his promise to let her meet the fairies. Yuriy keeps on thinking about what she’s saying and action and keeps asking and questioning himself.

Yuriy mentions if her statement is true then the game continues and it will be his turn to attack with a question. However if she is false then she looses. Yuriy mentions that it’s logically impossible for the person asking the question to win on that same turn, to which Mavis mentions that he only thinks this because of previously accumulated intelligence and experience.

The truth is far more simple. Mavis has her go to which she mentions from the time the game began, he has blinked 57 times. He is flabbergasted and doesn’t know how she could say such a thing. He notices that she has not blinked a single time since the game had begun and thus is starting to hurt.

Yuriy himself doesn’t know if it’s correct or false, to which he doesn’t know to answer with a correct or false since he himself doesn’t know. He doesn’t know himself who he’s facing to which mentions that the girl is crazy.

Precht and Warrod arrive mentioning for Yuriy to stop messing around and that they’re leaving the island. They mention that they found the point where the Tenrou Jade is kept but it was not there. It seems to be stolen, they mention that they’ll reorganize their intel and look for it again.

Mavis mentions that she thinks she knows who might have it, she tells the story of how it was like 7 years ago and Mavis has been studying the past 7 years in order to counter any wizards, and thus she is sure that she can help them find it. She asks to be taken with them.

The Tenrou Jade is the symbol of this island, they have passed it down and protected it across generations, she wants to go with them. Yuriy mentions that they’re treasure hunters and that there is no saying that they’ll just give it back to them.

Mavis mentions that at that time she will just challenge him again for it. Warrod and Precht talk about him letting Mavis come along with them to which she might be smart but they don’t know who she is at all.

Yuriy is with Mavis to which she is packing her bag, to which they talk about how she didn’t notice it was missing. Mavis mentions that this is also a good chance for them to see the outside world, both her and Zeira.

Zeira looks at them and Mavis tells her to come out, Mavis mentions that she is really shy. Zeira mentions that she isn’t going to go with some random person. Mavis mentions that it’s necessary for them to go out and see the outside world.

They need to drum up the courage and go out to see the world. They both get ready to go as they’ve packed, to which Mavis mentions that it’s going to be a lot of fun. They are ready to begin their journey. Yuriy seems to have gotten charmed by them, to which he talks about them from the future as if he could have stopped them on that day, it could have changed their future. To which his heart hurts. Fairy Tail Zero 3 ends here.

An interesting chapter and a definitely interesting ending as Yuriy seems to be talking in a sense where something happens to both of them. Nevertheless, can’t wait for the next Fairy Tail Zero 4 when it releases next month.

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