The Grand Ball! Mage’s Invited To Palace – Fairy Tail 199

Fairy Tail 199 sees the mages have a little fun as they’re invited to the Palace for the first time for the Grand Ball to celebrate the defeat and savior of the Palace and Fiore. Everyone dresses up and has fun both conversing as well as eating the food available. Everyone even tries to get Yukino into their guilds.

Fairy Tail 199 begins as people outside the palace talk about how the mages have never been in the palace for an even however now they’re in there for the ball. While inside we see a number of the girls getting all ready for the upcoming Grand Ball.

Everyone is ready to go and eat and just dance and such. Everyone is doing their own thing having fun eating. Cana is drinking as always. Kagura is also dressed up for the event while Millianna is sulking about what happened. Gajeel and Levy try and get back to the party. She mentions that she looks good, she nearly cry’s in front of him.

Hisui and Lucy talk while others are also talking and just having fun. Juvia and Gray also talk as she tells him that she loves him while he denies her, to which she finds very attractive. Lyon approaches finding out that she doesn’t like him. Cheria and Wendy are also eating while Mavis approaches Wendy, Cheria thinks Wendy is nuts.

Everyone try’s to find Natsu but he’s nowhere to be seen. Erza and Kagura talk to which they hug as Erza calls her cut. Millianna is moping around when Erza shows her Happy, Carla and Lily. Sting wants to drink with Natsu but he’s not there. Rogue mentions that he’s not going to be the guy from the future.

Yukino arrives when Sting is there, he  stops her and mentions that he would like her to be in the guild. Everyone quickly begins to offer her a place in their guild. She begins to cry as everyone fights for her in their guild.

Arcadios stops everyone as he mentions that the King is coming to say a few words. He begins to walk up when we all see Natsu arrive, everyone is shocked that its him. Everyone begins to dance while Juvia see’s that Gray isn’t dancing with her. Natsu is eating. We see Hisui talking to the king as she apologizes and mentions that she is the fault when everyone begins to mention that all she was doing was for the good of the country.

Hisui is given the punishment of wearing the pumpkin head for a week. She mentions that she is okay with it when everyone begins to joke around about wearing the thing. Everyone has fun at the ball and it seems like the arc is about to end. Fairy Tail 199 ends here.

A good chapter to which it seems like we’ll be starting a new arc soon. Can’t wait to see whats up next even if we’re all manga readers. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 200, titled “Drop of Time!”.


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  1. Bob

    i saw the episode after this a few months ago or maybe even a year ago because I remember doing so but… the episode isn’t even out yet, so how did I see it?! :(?


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