Igneel Appears From Natsu! Acnologia vs Igneel – Fairy Tail 400

Fairy Tail 400 shows the arrival of Igneel, to which he’s always been inside Natsu when he appears, he mentions that he will deal with Acnologia while he battles END. The 400th chapters see’s the arrival of the awesome Igneel as he’s summoned from inside of Natsu. Natsu cry’s as he see’s his own father for the first time in a long time.

Fairy Tail 400 begins as Acnologia begins to destroy everything, everyone notices that it’s getting closer and closer to them. Wendy is still down as she can feel her heart pump hard. Doranbolt notices that it’s coming. Natsu can also feel his heart pump, Lucy touches him but he’s too hot.

All the Dragon Slayers begin to react abnormally, Mard Geer mentions that even he can’t predict whats about the happen. Everyone keeps on freaking out. It passes over them when it just swoosh and blows everyone away just with it’s wings.

Mard Geer mentions that he knows that Acnologia is after END, to which he finds interesting that he’s after the demon. Acnologia begins to power up an attack when Natsu hears Igneel’s voice. It calls to him as he mentions that it’s his time.

Igneel tells Natsu that he believes that he’s capable of defeating END, and thus he’ll do something about Acnologia. Natsu’s chest begins to glow, then we see a little of Natsu’s past as Acnologia had taught Natsu everything he knows about, even the moment Natsu had lost him.

Natsu begins to scream when Igneel tells him that he hopes he can forgive him for everything. Natsu screams and a bright light appears above him and Igneel appears mentioning that he’s always been inside of him from the start.

Igneel mentions when it fly’s up that he’ll tell Natsu everything after wards however now he has to get rid of Acnologia. Acnologia is hit by Igneel as it fails to fire the shot. Natsu looks up at Igneel when Lucy notices him crying as he looks above at his father! Fairy Tail 400 ends here.

A great chapter with Igneel finally appearing as we see Natsu finally seeing his own father. I’m sure it will bring Natsu the power to finally defeating who we know as END. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 401, titled “Igneel vs Acnologia”.

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  1. Rise

    If acnologia really is finding E.N.D, it kind of comes to show that E.N.D. really is a threat and must be pretty powerful for even acnologia to wanting to destory him before he revives


      1. Sunite

        Well if you think about it, Acnologia is not a creation of Zeref (as far as I know). He’s just another dragon slayer who willingly killed dragons and bathed in their blood to which he then became one. Tartarus and END on the other hand are as one and END is the leader of them. Zeref created all of Tartarus, I doubt he would want to destroy them.


      1. Sunite

        Agree with you, Natsu and everyone else is in trouble. All the big names are in one place and thus I believe it’s time for him to show up. After the fight, will he still be alive? Will he go back into Natsu? Doubt he’ll live, he might die here.


      2. mary

        No that’s not it he was just waiting for the perfect time to attack acnolgia when he needed to conserve and studies acnolgia’s power after the 400 years.


  2. grayfullbuster622

    Lol okay i mean damn i didnt even see that comign igneeel was inside natsu this whole time wow…….so haha unexpected but E.N.D must be that powerful i mean even for acnologia wanting to destroy end but remember silver said gray has the power now to defeat E.N.D so now we wonder maybe Natsu and Gray will both finish off E.N.D Or it could go a Different way but allll in all grays my fav >:o you go bro steal natsu’s spotlight >:D


    1. Sunite

      Hah I believe that Cray will be ENDs opponent. Gray is technically the second protagonist and thus I believe that END is the second strongest enemy. Gray will face and most likely defeat END, while Natsu will face Zeref.


  3. grayfullbuster622

    Also to the nest chapter is Igneel vs acnologia lets see if grandine and metallicana are gonna show up aswell i hope its gonna be a triple threat grandine metallicana and igneel vs acnologia that’d be epic 😮 also remember we still havent seen jellal come into action or oracion seis so we do Know for a fact they’ll enter the segment later on and as also maybe aswell for the other guilds that will enter the battle.


    1. Sunite

      Ohhh good point, it would be great to see if the dragons also disappeared the same way Igneel did, as in they all just went into the dragon slayers body. Would be a good point to talk about.


  4. mabritish

    hey sunite go watch fairytail season2 episode 1, start watching it around 19:50. u will hear that Arcadios guy telling natsu and others that acnologia was turned into a Dragon by zeref. so there u have it, acnologia is one of zeref’s creation.

    my only problem with fairytail is that all the so called Dragon slayers haven’t slayed even a single Dragon yet. and if indeed END is more powerful than a Dragon, then at the moment I don’t see Gray defeating it yet on this arc let alone natsu defeating zeref

    this whole Dragon slayer thing will be a joke if fairytail Will end without them defeating a Dragon one on one. well maybe natsu will get a powerup from the flames of emotions if igneel will be killed in front of him. now that will be a bs. but I know there are one or two arcs after this since igneel said he will explain everything to natsu when all is done. How did igneel fit into natsu?????? did he turn into a spirit?????? this is kurama version 2 in making.


  5. mabritish

    but to come to think of it, when natsu fought zero, igneel help him out and even igneel’s leg showed up. gradine went to igneel in some kind of spirit and ask him how long is he planning to help natsu. so does this mean if natsu is not as powerful as we fought?


  6. mostscents

    I guess, Igneel isn’t literally inside Natsu. It make much sense if natsu is like a link or a portal from the dragon world to the human world and vice versa.


  7. Ibra Dragneel

    Am confused is the part of igneel vs acnologia already acted or its still in script,am in africa so we get to knw a little bit late


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