Finding Death Gun – Sword Art Online II 9 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode  9 begins as Death Gun himself goes around to kill a member within the Bullet of Bullets tournament. He does this when Sinon shoots and misses, he disappears while Kirito and Sinon both go a head to look for him. At the same time Asuna and the others watch the match to realise that Death Gun might be from Sword Art Online. 

So overall I’d like to mention that I was a little disappointed with this episode, we saw Death Gun take his first victim within the tournament, or the first that we know it might be with Pale Rider. Sinon attacks him once but misses and doesn’t even try to shoot a few more times to get him.

I am a little disappointed that would could have had a mini fight here between them both, however they just skip the whole thing altogether. Death Gun attacked Sinon at the end to which I liked, it showed that Kirito will most likely appear from nowhere and help save her.

All together it seemed like an episode was just dragging a little, being episode 9, they might want to allow for other things to be mentioned, such as Sinon’s past and such, however I think that they shouldn’t really do this as it might ruin the episodes.

A friend of mine, who gets mentioned a lot in these thought posts had told me that he found this episode terrible, having spent some of the episode just repeating and concentrating on other things. He mentioned that he may be quitting the series. Nevertheless, I can’t wait for next week’s Sword Art Online II 10.


What do you think?

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