Ultear’s Last Ages! Gray is Alive – Fairy Tail 197

Fairy Tail 197 shows the despair in which Ultear is in to which she decides to user her Last Age’s Magic to turn back time for a mere one minute, to which it aids in bringing back Gray from the death as well as giving everyone a fighting chance. Everyone is down and has no where to go, however the 1 minute they saw into the future has allowed them to overcome the tactics from the Dragons and attack back. 

Fairy Tail 197 begins as members of Fairy Tail and other guilds are getting picked off one by one, they’re getting hurt and defeated and even killed! Lyon calls for Cheria but she is nowhere to be seen as Gray has died in front of them with Juvia not even speaking a word. Natsu and Future Rogue keep on fighting.

Natsu is tired and unable to do a lot, he’s injured and can’t move as he would like optimally. Natsu keeps on eating to gain more power however he is tired and unable to use that power properly. Laxus and Zirconis keep on fighting but he doesn’t feel a thing.

Zirconis is hit by Wendy and Laxus at the same time however he just gets up again after a few seconds. This time he’s pissed off and wants to eat a few people. He looks at Wendy and is willing to eat her clothes and all. Laxus steps between them and tries to stop the attack.

Rogue and Sting are also having a hard time attacking their dragons. The dragons themselves are hitting each other. Rogue and Sting hit the dragons at the same time but it does little no affect. Gajeel is attacked by a Dragon when he can’t determine the dragon’s attack.

Cobra is also pushing hard but unable to do a lot as the the Dragon’s just keep pushing back. Even Lucy is trapped by the minion dragons. We see Ultear think about time and her past. She has done nothing good in her life, she has deceived and fought with people. She thought the guild would help her repay her sins but they have not.

She mentions that she doesn’t deserve to live, we go to the past were Hades and a younger her are small and she learns about a magic called Last Ages when Hades tells her that it’s a risky magic as to relive a moment it requires the life of the caster to be used.

Ultear mentions that she could use that to go back to the past as she enables the magic and uses the live she has to go back to past. After it has been cast, she notices the time and see’s that time has only gone back for one minute, she is shocked that her life is only worth one minute.

We see the moment Gray is still alive and touches Juvia’s butt to which Gray notices the future in about a minutes time when they see his death. They see the dragons approaching and take them out before they can attack. Elsewhere,we see other members of Fairy Tail escaping to which they also find a way out without getting hurt.

Romeo and the others also run from the moment before they can get hurt. That day, people all over the world saw one minute into the future and hasn’t yet been explained, however it allowed for humans and mages a minute into the future and a way to attack back. Laxus and Wendy attack Zirconis back!

Bacchus also uses it to not get hit by the minions. Gajeel uses it to dodge the attack and hit back! Cobra uses it to hit the dragon he fights back. Rogue and Sting use it to their advantage and to attack back. Lucy uses it to get to the others without getting stuck. Natsu uses it to get close and attack Future Rogue.

Lucy reaches the others and explains to the others that there is a way to stop all of this, to which she mentions that if they destroy the Eclipse, it will be broken in the future and thus disallow for the return of Future Rogue into their world all together. This in turn will cause every dragon to disappear, their question now is how to destroy it. Fairy Tail 197 ends here.

A long and awesome episode, Gray has somehow come back to life, this time he didn’t even die. He lived with the help of Ultear. Also it looks like Lucy will have to find a way to destroy the Eclipse Gate to stop all of this. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 198, titled “Golden Grassland” when we see their plan in action.


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