Kaguya Sealed! Naruto Saves World – Naruto 690

Naruto 690 see’s the end of Kaguya as she is quickly sealed by Naruto and Sasuke as well as the Tailed Beasts being released from the Gedo Mazo. Hagoromo also uses the past Kage’s to teleport them into their world to save them, including the Tailed Beasts and Madara. Kaguya gets sealed and forms the core of a moon, Zetsu is also thrown at his moon by the hands of Naruto. 

Naruto 690 begins as Kaguya realises that she is going to be sealed. She realises that she, the ancestor of all chakra is defeated by these scattered chakra. She asks herself why, she see’s her sons from the previous era and now Naruto and Sasuke. Hagoromo realises that they’ve defeated her and mentions that it’s time to retrieve them.

The Ten Tails begins to go mad, Kaguya’s body begins to change as chakra from other Tailed Beasts begin to change pour out from it. The Earth seems be changing shape the Kaguya’s body is attracting rocks and dirt from the ground.

Son Goku mentions that Naruto is nice, the Gedo Mazo seems to be attracting the number of rocks in the area. Of which one of the beasts throws down Madara. A circular rock is being formed above them as large rocks clump together. Sasuke appears mentioning that Naruto had something to take care of.

Naruto’s notices Zetsu and Kaguya’s hand to which he mentions that he’s been the person to control from the shadows. However, he noticed him. Zetsu mentions that he’s part of the history of Shinobi, he created it so far, Naruto quickly mentions that the history of Shinobi was made by the lives of many ninja and their deaths.

Naruto throws Zetsu into the rock mentioning that a brand who can’t even leave his mother’s side won’t understand a thing about it. He gets stuck to the rock while more and more rocks are piling on. It seems that the planet like rock has formed and it above their eyes.

Naruto gives a thumbs up and mentions that it’s sealed, they can live happily ever after now. Sakura then realises how they’re going to get out of there to which they mention that don’t know either. Son Goku mentions that he is also stupid.

We see all the previous Kage’s perform the Kuchiyose No Jutsu to bring back Naruto and others as they disappear from the other world and into their main one. They appear with everyone alive and well, even Madara and the Tailed Beasts. Minato welcomes Naruto. Hagoromo greets them and says thanks for saving the world! Naruto 690 ends here!

A pretty good chapter, it seems though it’s about to end anytime soon, I do hope that they don’t just end it with some stupid story. I do hope they do some good to the story, leaving something for the future. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 691 when we see what happens to the others in the Infinite Tsukuyomi.


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  1. dreager1

    A rather sudden end for Kaguya. I’m really hoping that Madara wakes up to fight, but this seems like it really could be the end for the Naruto series. Hopefully Kishimoto has something up his sleeve. After all, they usually make the ending announcement 4 weeks in advance so something must be happening next time!


    1. Sunite

      It felt like the end of the series with the whole comment, Thanks Naruto, GG, NARUTO OVER. But I hope there is something after this. At least make it to 700 chapters.


      1. dreager1

        Definitely, it would be a shame to end before that. Kishimoto can buy time with a quick spar between Sasuke and Naruto. It can just be a friendly bout to end the series and provide closure for everyone who has been waiting for that fight.


        1. Sunite

          If there is a fight, I’d like to see a possibly arc dedicated to it, even if it’s short, I’d like to have one. Otherwise I wouldn’t mind having Sasuke and Naruto working together in harmony to rebuild the leaf. Plus since Madara is now ALIVE, we’ll probably see some other things from him too.


  2. Kid Assassin

    A rushed Chapter But the ending was Solid but the chapter Itself leaves Two things Left unexplained…1st What would happen to the Tailed Beasts?
    2nd.Who will be Hokage?(I know alot of people are Pointing Towards Kakashi but we can’t be Certain)


    1. Sunite

      Hmm I guess the tailed beasts and people will live in peace now? The Hokage will follow Obito’s thoughts on Kakashi next. However we still Tsunade who is still alive. I guess Naruto may no longer be a Jinchuuriki since Kurama is out, or he can somehow keep a part of Kurama in himself.


  3. Zayel kai

    No no Is it going to end I like Naruto so much how comes it’s gonna end ………My best Anime and Manga will always be Naruto………Please don’t End


  4. Jasper Williams

    Well…Kurama can still be sealed back into naruto…yhu don’t expect it 2 be walkinq around just like daht…and as 4 the next hokaqe…i think it’s qonna be the Hiruzen-Minato scenerio….with kakashi actinq 4 a retired tsunade…
    And with the way thinqs are…i see this manqa endinq in chapter 700….


  5. sasori

    what a chapter i started reading chapters on chapter 676 i never knew there are replies its like i’m watching the anime while reading it kaguya is sealed thanks to the will of fire naruto winning without full kuramai’s chakra nextweeks chapter is clear we are collecting the pieces regrouping the village.


  6. Chiragbaria

    I really like naruto series. Thanks kishimoto 4 such a nice story but series should be expand by naruto new born baby boruto i really like tp watch that


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