Gajeel’s Steel Dragon Sword! Torafusa Defeated – Fairy Tail 397

Fairy Tail 397 shows the real power to live when Gajeel unleashes his Steel Dragon Sword which is a mix of his Iron and Carbon from the water, he uses it to defeat Torafusa in just one strike! Gajeel also remembers the moment he talked to one of the council members when he got arrested and was on trial. Levy helps Gajeel out when he needs air. 

Fairy Tail 397 continues off as Gajeel bashes Torafusa away, then tries to wake Levy up. Gajeel asks to give him more air, she mentions that she can’t and doesn’t have much left. Gajeel asks to help Natsu and the others too. She realises that he’s referring to her magic abilities.

They uses the air bubble created and gets back to the battlefield to fight. Gajeel gets ready to fight and begins to smack Torafusa around when Torafusa changes his form and Gajeel smacks into something which hurts him instead. He can adjust the density of his body.

Gajeel gets captured and his bones begin to creek as Torafusa squeezes him. Torafusa mentions that the toxic air would have always begun affecting all of them.  They will perish anytime soon now.

We go to the past where Gajeel is at a court to which Gajeel is faced by a judge for his recent crimes. We see that Master Berno gives him some advice to stay away from Phantom Lord. He refuses however then see’s her dead body to which he mentions that she gave him some good advice.

Right about now, Gajeel burst with fighting spirit as he just begins smashing Torafusa with all his might to which Gajeel’s body seems to be changing once more as he mentions that this is the meaning to live! Torafusa is flabbergasted to see Gajeel with such power. While seconds moment we see Gajeel unleash his Koryuuken or Steel Dragon Sword onto Torafusa!

Gajeel has used the carbon surrounding him and in the poison to turn himself into steel using the iron he already had. Torafusa is defeated, and the water disappears. Tempesta is next while Gajeel mentions that Natsu will have to sing him a song now. Fairy Tail 397 ends here.

A great and crazy chapter from Gajeel as we’ve never seen such determination from him before. It truly is awesome to see Gajeel upgrade even further to turn himself into a stronger mix of metals, now steel. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 398, titled “Final One-on-One” when we’ll see Tempesta battle.


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