Bullet of Bullets Final Tournament – Sword Art Online II 08 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode 8 gets underway as Kirito, Sinon and many others enter the Bullet of Bullet tournament to win against 29 other players, of which Death Gun begins killing individuals as soon as he can. Death Gun is seen by Kirito and Sinon as they work together to watch over Death Gun, Kirito also notices how Death Gun will use a pistol to murder an individual, he shouts at Sinon to stop him. 

Kirito asks players to cheer him on

Kirito asks players to cheer him on

Sword Art Online begins as Kirito still thinks about Death Gun and the mark he had that indicated that he was from Laughing Coffin. He also wishes to work out who from the list is Death Gun as it’s not listed in the players list. He wants to find his avatar and face him.

He and Sinon are once again together to which they have about half an hour before it begins. Kirito asks Sinon who isn’t really listening to him for some advice. He would like to ask about some information to which they walk to the main tournament place. They reach there and there’s a lot going on.

He bumps into people to which he acts a little girly and asks for the guys to cheer him on, they think he’s a girl. Kirito and Sinon sit together to which Kirito asks about the tournament to which 30 players are put onto a map that is really huge. They also receive a sky transmitter to which it maps out the players location.

Kirito goes on to ask Sinon for some more help as he asks and shows the list of players on the list about to play. He asks who the new members participating are from last time’s BoB brawl. She mentions that there are three, Gunner X, Pale Rider and Sterben.

Kirito mentions that one of these has to be him. Sinon asks if this is related to when he was upset before. Kirito mentions that it does and that a player from another game spoke to him, he mentions that it was an enemy that killed people and wants to kill him.

Kirito explains that he’s refer to a killing a person and their life. He has done some unforgivable things and that he’s also done such things however now he will face it head on. Sinon remembers the moment Kirito told him about him pulling the trigger even for a person they love. Sinon realises that Kirito may have been from Sword Art Online but doesn’t mention it.

Kirito and Sinon talk about their fight

Kirito and Sinon talk about their fight

They go to their places, Sinon tells him that when it’s a fight between them too she will definitely shoot him. He mentions that he will survive until they can both fight together. The battles about to begin as the bets begin to roll in!

Bullet of Bullets beginsThe Tournament begins and the action quickly begins as players are quickly battling and shooting at each other. Some players are quickly taken out while at the same time Sinon snipes people out of the battlefield. She hides and finds her next target, she wishes for Kirito to still be alive to fight him.

They’re at a bridge to which a player faces and waits for another to come out of the jungle behind him. Sinon quickly see’s him on his sight, out of nowhere Kirito appears behind Sinon to which he asks her to calm down and watch until their battle ends.

Death Gun appearsHe won’t attack her, when they are done then he will begin their fight. They watch on when Pale Rider appears and kills Dyne. However out nowhere Pale Rider is quickly stopped by a tranquilizer bullet shot from Death Gun himself as Kirito see’s him seconds later.

Death Gun approaches with a rare gun which Sinon seems to know is a very rare gun, she wonders how he was able to achieve it. On top of which Death Gun brings out a hand gun to which Kirito shouts at Sinon to shoot at the caped man before he gets a chance to shoot first! Sword Art Online II episode 8 ends here.

A fantastic episode and a shocking ending. I wasn’t expecting Kirito to get this desperate at such a short time, however I guess he now knows that this hand gun may be what could be causing the death. Kirito may be new to the game, however he already has the mechanics and knowledge to know what to do in these situations.

Sinon seems to understand slightly what Kirito must be going through, plus I’m sure she knows that he was one of the survivors from the Sword Art Online incidents, however she must not know that he was the one to stop it all. Still I thought it was a great episode, I’m still waiting for more to come, at this early stage, I want to see more. Still can’t wait for Sword Art Online II episode 9, titled “Death Gun”.


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