Kirito vs Sinon – Sword Art Online II 6 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode 6 aired and it’s terrific, Kirito deduces that man that was with him is Death Gun, while at the same time Kirito faces his opponents and then Sinon to which she is defeated by his skills. Death Gun seems to have confirmed that the person named Kirito is in fact from Sword Art Online just like himself.

Kirito within Sword Art Online

Kirito within Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online II episode 2 begins as Kirito goes through his mind trying to think about who Death Gun may be to which he’s terrified and unable to move even after he’s gone. We see a little memory from his past within Sword Art Online trying to defeat the ever growing Laughing Coffin clan base. However they had already discovered their plan and fight back to which many members die in that battle.

Kirito is scaredAs he thinks about these things Sinon appears beside him to which she asks why he’s being so weird when she notices the same look she has on her is the same that Kirito has. Kirito even holds her hand in a sign of desperation.

Sinon gets readyKirito faces his next match with nothing but anger and desperation and he quickly gets close to his opponent and uses his photon sword to defeat his opponent. After that it’s Sinon’s turn to which she quickly shows how her technique and power is amazing since she hits her opponent from a very long range.

She begins to freak out at times thinking about what Kirito is doing and what might have been happening to him previously. Her next opponent is Kirito as it’s their final for the current group. Sinon enters the map and quickly hides while she thinks about what had happened to Kirito previously.

She mentions that she wants to beat him because he is very much like her, or she thinks. Kirito goes on ahead to approach Sinon in a way that she finds to be gutsy. Sinon begins to panic to which she fires the shot and misses. Sinon moves out to quickly ask Kirito why he’s doing this and why he’s not moving.

Sinon begins to cry at the same time she speaks. Kirito mentions that he was wrong, to which in this game you have to fight hard in order to get and win. Thus he proposes a challenge. He proposes when the pullet hits the floor, the battle will once again begin, however they will be apart for only 10 meters.

Sinon ready to shootSinon tells him that there is a 100% chance that he will get hit. The bullet is tossed and a few moments later we see Sinon strike and shoot her sniper rifle. However from the quick reactions of Kirito, he uses his sword to deflect the bullet. Then attacks her to make her surrender, to which they talk about their past a little.

Kirito and Sinon

Kirito and Sinon

Truly a really good episode, with Kirito and Sinon relating to each other, plus Death Gun and Kirito meeting and it’s only been 6 episodes, I wonder what else we’ll see in future episode. I really like the relationship which Kirito and Sinon have at this point.

She seems like a strong woman however seems to be powerless against Kirito himself. I’m sure she would have defeated him with all the chances he gave her, however she just got trumped with her own feelings.

Death Gun and Kirito have met, which is again awesome and good to see since they seem to have met previously, on top of which it seems that we also got a look at who this Death Gun person might have been during their time in Sword Art Online, referring to the person with white hair.

Overall I thought it was a good episode, with a good amount of action, I can’t wait for next week’s  Sword Art Online II episode 7, titled “Crimson Memories”. What were your thoughts on the overall episode, the character development and such. Tell me using the comment section below.

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  1. Lenny

    Sinon and Kirito make the best relationship i hope we see more of that in the future. Asuna is great but there’s just something special and Sinon! And by the way they act with eachother you can tell that there are some sort of feelings there ❤


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