Dragon Slayers Fight Dragons! Zirconis’ Magic – Fairy Tail 194

Fairy Tail 194 see’s the Dragon Slayers fight against the 7 Dragons from the past, we also get to see the magic which Zirconis possesses as it enables him to remove all the clothes which the humans wear and thus enables him to eat them. We also see an tired and wounded Erza nearly die just before Jellal shows up to help her, when Millianna appears.

 Fairy Tail 194 begins as Hisui blames herself for what has happened. Natsu and Future Rogue keep on going as Natsu hits Motherglare more than one. Natsu mentions that he will go ahead and kill these dragons. Motherglare releases a large number of eggs to which they crack open to reveal smaller dragon like creatures.

Laxus appears and mentions that everyone needs to go back as he’ll be taking on Atlas Flames with the help of the Raijinshuu. Mavis mentions that only a Dragon Slayer can defeat a Dragon. Gajeel goes to another location to fight another dragon. Sting and Rogue also get ready as Sting begins to fight his dragon while Rogue goes to help out another guild which doesn’t have a Dragon Slayer.

Blue Pegasus don’t have a Dragon Slayer however they try and get him to the better side however it doesn’t work, with looks to perfume, none of it works. Seconds later Cobra appears with his magic mentioning that he will fight this dragon and defeat it as he hits the dragon hard. He tells them to go away so he can go all out against the dragon.

Lahar and Doranbolt get their armies ready to attack kick ass. Kinana notices Eric/Cobra in the battlefield too. We see Wendy try and talk to Zirconis however he doesn’t seem to be interested as the one they talked to previously was nothing but a dragon who was older that this one.

Zirconis mentions that he’s going to eat all of them at once. He prepares his magic and spews it out all at once. It seems that none of have actually been burned, instead their clothes they’re naked and thus all back off. Zirconis mentions that humans are delicious however female more than male.

He begins to go for Lucy as she just stands there. She gets burned down by his magic and all her clothes disappear. She is naked. It’s a magic to robs people of their dignity. Wendy mentions that she plans on bringing him down.

Zirconis holds onto Lucy to which Wendy quickly powers up as well as give Mirajane some of her energy also. Mirajane powers up also. He flies up to the sky when he is distracted, Wendy uses her own magic to roar up against Zirconis’ back. He lets go of Lucy when Happy chases after her.

Wendy and Mirajane will both deal with Zirconis. Erza and the others seem to be going in strong but there doesn’t seem to be any sign on stopping. Future Rogue and Natsu keep on fighting but Future Rogue has the upper hand in this match up. Out of nowhere Lucy appears to hit him naked while Happy is still chasing after her. They’re pushed away from the dragon they’re on.

They hit in a large bell to which she is still naked and keep on falling down more and more. They finally reach a standstill when Lucy needs some clothes. When Natsu tries to cover her up he gets a slap from her to which he mentions that she is a pervert.

Natsu seems to be upset that he can’t get a proper hit on Future Rogue. He’s strong and he is tired from all the fighting he did previously. There are other types of dragons to which Natsu gets an idea of what he should do. Natsu and Happy leave there leaving Lucy and Virgo there.

Others from other guilds are also fighting back. Gajeel seems to be fighting back, other dragon slayers are doing their best. However Erza is tired when she can’t move or do anything. Jellal comes to help her when Millianna notices them happy together to which she is angered. Lucy and Virgo find her old diary there. Fairy Tail 194 ends here.

 That was a really good episode, and it seems that Natsu knows what exactly he should do, to which it must include eating something and gaining stronger. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 195, titled “Person and Person, Dragon and Dragon, Person and Dragon”, when Natsu talks with Atlas Flame to get him into his side and thus fight back!

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