Future Rogue Cheney! Eclipse Portal – Fairy Tail 190

Fairy Tail 190 (Season 2 Episode 15) reveals the fact that Lucy wasn’t the only one who traveled back in time, Rogue from 7 years in the future also traveled back. While Future Rogue confronts his target to kill, which is Lucy, Future Lucy gets in the way as a shadow-dagger heads towards Lucy. In Future Lucy’s dying moments, it’s revealed that she didn’t close the Eclipse Gate. Natsu gets really mad and is quickly ready to torch Rogue. 

Fairy Tail 190 begins as Fairy Tail wins the Grand Magic Games, while at the same time Gray and the others hear people’s voice as they cheer for Fairy Tail. They also go on to ask where Natsu might be since they’re not yet received his flare. We see everyone get ready to open the Portal to unleash it’s power. Erza and the others, as well as Sting worry about where Natsu might be.

Natsu and the others are in the palace battling the endless numbers of soldiers coming at them, they’re also unable to do anything against the Garou Knights. They just want to get out of there in order to help the country, while the Knights just want to prevent them from doing more sins.

Future Lucy mentions that there just isn’t enough time to do anything. Natsu and the others are hungry and tired. However out of nowhere there is shadow like force coming from their feet upwards in a fashion that is engulfing them to the ground. In mere seconds, most to all of these soldiers are quickly taken down. The shadow once again disappears.

Jellal and the others talk about how Lucy appeared and how it finally makes sense to him. Over this time, they had felt Zeref’s magic around the area to which they have had a bad feeling about. What Future Lucy said is true, then the person Jellal met might have not been her.

We see Arcadios meet Hisui and Darton to which everyone where they are, are ready and prepared to unleash the Eclipse Plan. Arcadios asks if she is ready to abandon Eclipse first plan, to which Hisui is then given the sword Arcadios holds and points it at his neck, to which he says that for doubting her, she should punish him.

Arcadios mentions that he met the person from the future to which they had no knowledge from the future. Arcadios mentions she had no knowledge of this to which Hisui realises that the person she met was a man. To which we finally see the real form of the Shadow that faces Natsu and the others.

Future Rogue Cheney is this man! Jellal and the others run towards the palace, to which they want an answer to why Future Rogue is there. Rogue reveals himself to be from the future, Hisui and Arcadios realise that two people have arrived. To which Hisui herself is ready to open up the gates of Eclipse.

Future Rogue got rid of all the soldiers to which he reveals that he’s there to open the Eclipse gate to defeat the 10,000 dragons. He says that he’s from seven years in the future to which the world is covered and taken over by dragons. If the dragons aren’t stopped then it will be the same future.

Future Rogue also mentioned that someone had interfered with Eclipse to which they had shut the gates. He mentions that the person and their destiny has already been decided. No matter what happens. He reveals that the person who interferes is Lucy! To which he creates a shadow-like sword to which he throws at Lucy!

Moments past to which Future Lucy steps into the middle as Lucy is there, Future Lucy is hit by the attack in a critical part to which Natsu wasn’t even able to do anything! Future Lucy mentions that she didn’t close the portal. Lucy asks her why she saved her, to which she says that is from the past and thus much more important.

Healing magic won’t work as the wound is too deep. Future Lucy is happy to see them once more, Happy begins to cry in front of her saying that she wants her to live and that he is sad and cares about her so very much. He is truly sad at this point. Future Lucy asks to see Lucy’s guild mark to which she remembers that she wants to have adventures, to which she collapses and tells everyone to protect the future.

Future Rogue mentions that she will close the portal even if she doesn’t know it. Future Rogue says that she needs to die, to which Natsu quickly gets pissed off and unleashes a great amount of fire to burn Rogue and we see him pissed off and crying! Fairy Tail 190 ends here.

What a  great and fantastic episode, with lots of emotional moments and feel good moments. And it seems that the story is just unwinding. I can’t wait to see the action in next week’s Fairy Tail 191, titled “Natsu vs Rogue”, when we see the Eclipse Gate open as well as the battle between Natsu and Rogue.

There are 4 comments

  1. Rise

    Ok I’m kind of confuse……… I remember from previous episodes that the princess referring to the future person as “she”, now in this episode, the princess said that the person was a man……


      1. Sunite

        I think it could mistakes with translation/subs however the whole arc has been done in a way which seems a little rushed and some explanations here and there have been done in a different manner. Still I like the upcoming fights.


    1. Sunite

      Yeah I’m pretty sure that this definitely happened somewhere when she was speaking. I guess it’s the way the animators decided to confuse the fans. Personally I think this whole arc has been a mess, I like the fights however the introduction of some characters and what happens next and so on is a little necessary and seems a little rushed for my liking.


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