Sinon The Sniper – Sword Art Online II 2 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode 2 aired, titled Ice Sniper, goes through the incredible story of Sinon or Asada Shino where they try and ambush other players however they are surprised to see a cloaked man with a mini gun, that’s when they face trouble. Sinon’s abilities are tested as they’re branded as the best sniper in the game. 

Sinon chills out

Sinon In-Game Character

Macho Man with MinigunThe previous episode shows a spoiler to this episode as they face that gang. However after they encounter their secret weapon, the man with the machine gun, they notice that they’re in trouble, one after another they’re quickly taken down while Sinon watches from afar. On top of which She quickly notices that she needs to get closer

Sinon takes out Machine gun guyHowever after continues back and forth from both of these, and a missing leg from Sinon, we quickly see that she gets the upper hand when she gets up and dives down with her own sniper rifle, she goes on ahead to shoot this man while she falls from the sky. She wins this battle. We also see her real life form as she has her Virtual Reality Head Gear on, she talks about getting stronger.

Asada Shino in bed

Asada Shino

Kirito Yui and AsunaOn top of this we also go ahead and see Kirito and Asuna with a few others within Alfheim Online battling against some plants to get some required ingredients. While Kirito, Asuna and Yui are all cooling down and just spending time with each other. It’s really nice to see them in-game.

Personally I found that this episode was really good, we got to see some of the amazing skills and determination Sinon has, on top of which her team mates all seem to be quite useless, and that’s possibly why Kirito and Sinon will go together well, both are determined to get the job done.

The ending about Sinon wanting to get stronger is truly a mismatch while her in-game character seems to be really strong, her real life body seems to be really small and fragile. The ending as Kirito goes to talk to Yui and Asuna about an important topic is interesting, I’d like to see what he talks about.

On top of which I’d like to see Kirito get into GGO (Gun Gale Online) as soon as possible, I’m already getting tired of all the wait since I’d like to explore the game itself, and see Kirito get into trouble and whatnot.

Overall I thought it was a good episode, however a few of my other friends who watch it thought it needed more and it wasn’t enough for them as an episode. I guess we’ll just have to wait for next week’s Sword Art Online II episode 3, titled “Memories of Blood”, to see how it all turns out. Comment down below telling me your thoughts on the episode.


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