Gray defeats Silver! Wendy’s Plan – Fairy Tail 392

Fairy Tail 392 shows the sorrow ending to which Gray knew that Silver was not Deliora, this reveals the questions to what he’s doing there and why he did all this, he was defeated using a new technique Gray just revealed. While all this is going on, we get to see Wendy make a plan to return to Warren to which they plan on using his abilities to contact other guilds to help them in their challenge with these Face weapons. 

Fairy Tail 392 as Wendy asks herself how she she should deal with all these Face weapons. Wendy asks Doranbolt how long it would take for them to get to Magnolio, to which he tells her around 5 minutes. Wendy mentions that they’re going to meet the others, to which she would like to use Warren’s magic to contact all the guilds on the continent to come and help.

Keith and Juvia fight to which he tells her that one day this child will make the same choice as his teacher once did, Juvia notices that Gray will use Ice Shell soon. We see Silver beating Gray down more and more to which he gets more and more beaten down, he attacks once more mentioning that he won’t be able to turn his anger into strength.

Gray begins to get up as he looks tired and exhausted. He mentions that he must win, no matter what! Silver mentions that ice has no effect on him, he’s prevented him from using any physical attacks and there is no way he’d be soft enough to fall for an appeal to emotion.

Gray stands up mentioning that he has an ace up his sleeve. Gray then stands in the Ice Shell stance. Silver doesn’t believe him to which he doesn’t think he’d give up his own life for an exchange to seal another. Silver mentions that ice magic doesn’t work on him, Gray tells him to think back when he was sealed for 10 years.

Silver mentions that this was before I learned Ice Devil Slayer Magic, to which Gray mentions that he’d have no problem taking it on then, Silver tells him that he mustn’t be this dumb to think this, Gray shouts that he will surpass Deliora! He begins powering up to which Silver tells him to stop!

Silver swipes his hand to which he freezes Gray, however seconds later, Gray appears behind him as that was a clone. Gray speaks of his Family and Ul’s revenge. Gray begins to power up thinking of Natsu and the others, even Juvia as he says his sorry. He enables Iced Shell to which Silver uses his own powers to prevent the Ice Shell has he breaks the seal which was begun by Gray.

He says that he’s sorry and that he’s forgotten something very important. Silver attacks the Gray to which it was once again a clone. Gray then remembers that he refuses to die! Behind Silver we see Gray standing there with a steel ball. Gray mentions that he was the one who unfroze the flames of the Sun Village, to which in the rubble he may have found it.

Gray then creates his Ice Make Vambrace to which he throws the steel ball right through Silver! As Silver lays still we see him mentions that he’s done splendid work. Gray asks if he wasn’t going to realise, to which he mentions that he isn’t really Deliora, he truly is his father. We see on Silver’s face that this is true. Fairy Tail 392 ends here.

A fantastic chapter with lots of amazing stuff, to which it seems to finally make sense after all this time. I can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 393, titled “Silver Thoughts” to which we’ll probably learn more about how it all happened and how Silver ended up in Tartarus.


There are 6 comments

  1. grayfullbuster622

    very sad chapter at that gray killed his father but now we’re gonna see the truth about why he lied about being deliora and why he joined tartoros this is now where gray and his father will have a 1 on 1 conversation still sad though that he killed his own father.


  2. mabritish

    man things are not going well For gray. I hope silver is not dead so he can clear up this confusion. I like the fact that now gray is strong. I Mon he can make clones at will and he is a hard opponent to kill now in,fairytail.


  3. Kisuke Urahara

    I found Gray’s Ice Make: Vambrace to be quite interesting. It’s simple but genius, I totally didn’t see that one coming. Also, his arm, for a moment, looked like a demon’s (kind alike Deloria’s even). It’s just super cool~

    Hmm, well, it’s sad that it seems like Gray killed his own father but at least we’ll see the truth later on.


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