The Uchiha and Senju Alliance! Hashirama and Madara – Naruto Shippuden 368

Naruto Shippuden 368 gets underway showing both Hashirama and Madara to go through a harsh time whereby their brothers and family die to which even more hatred is born. On top of which Hashirama is clearly the strongest, to which he allows for a Uchiha and Senju Alliance to form to which it will go on to form the Leaf Village. Exciting times for them. 

Naruto Shippuden 368 begins as Hashirama finds out that Madara is of a Uchiha clan. Their father mentions that he’s a risk and that if he knows he is a Senju, he could leak information. Plus they mention that they want to follow him the next time he goes to ambush him. Hashirama looks at the flat rock.

At night, they meet each other, something seems off to which they greet each other using their rocks to which they both read a message on them to reveal that they need to go somewhere, they run. While Tobirama and his father notice this they quickly attack towards Madara. While at the same time Izuna and his father also appear. Butsuma Senju and Tijima Uchiha, head of both clans appear.

They both quickly begin their fights to which the fathers attack the opponents child to which it would be bad for their clan. Both Madara and Hashirama block off these attacks using the skipping rocks. Hashirama and Madara step forward mentioning that they will protect their brothers.

Madara mentions that their dream will not work since there are just way too many things going on at this point for it to not work. On top of which Madara reveals that Hashirama is stronger than him. He also activates the Sharingan to which he believes that Senju and Uchiha will not be together. They both depart each other.

They both begin their long fights whereby they kept on fighting and battling each other for years and years, to which many of their own soldiers died for their sake. Hashirama keeps on trying to convince him. We then see Izuna and Tobirama fight to which Tobirama gains the upper hand to which he uses his famous attack to get a critical attack on Izuna.

Madara joins in to help him to which Hashirama tries to get him to join his hand while Izuna tells him not to listen to his fake words and both disappear. At the death of Izuna, we see Madara gain his Mangekyou Sharingan! At their next meet up and fight moment we go ahead to see Madara unleash a Susanoo to which it is quickly covered by Hashirama’s wood and beat down, to which poison spores are also unleashed.

Madara then goes on ahead to reveal his Perfect Susanoo form to which it spans out to the sky. Hashirama matches this by unleashing his Wooden Golem. Both of them go at it to fight each other with their intense powers. After many fights and great powers being involved, Hashirama and Madara fight for a long time.

To which Madara loses control of his body after exhausting his power. Hashirama has the upper hand and could even kill Madara at this point. However he tells everyone that no one must kill him. Hashirama asks him to join his hand and end all this fighting, to which he then asks what he wants for there to be a alliance, to which he mentions that either he or his brother show their guts to him.

Madara mentions this to which it gives Hashirama the happy moment that he finally wanted this to happen and that is the only way it can happen. Hashirama gets ready as he takes his armor off and mentions that these are his final words, there should be no fighting within the Senju and Uchiha he mentions. He goes to kill himself when the moment arrives when Madara stops his hand and mentions that this is enough. Later on they make an alliance and it all gets in track to begin the village. Naruto Shippuden 368 ends here.

A great and magnificent episode explaining a lot that happened in the past. Plus it’s good that we saw this happen to them as it was long awaited, to see how it all began from the ground up. Still there is story to which how it all ended up the way it is now. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 369, titled “My True Dream”, when we continue this amazing story.

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