Future Lucy! Erza vs Kagura vs Minerva – Fairy Tail 184

Fairy Tail 184 finally reveals the identity of the mysterious person to be the one and only Lucy, however she is from the future, which we can piece together to mention that something bad will happen on the next day. While this happens, Juvia begins her fight with Cheria, while the same time we see the fight between Erza vs Kagura vs Minerva begin, while Minerva having Millianna in her control, to use and steal magic from. 

Fairy Tail 184 begins as we hear from Rufus that it’s the final day of the magic games, he losing to Fairy Tail. We see others keep on moving to their place to find their battle partners. Mermaid Heel are last at this point, however have Millianna and Kagura left. They figure out that they’ve not seen Millianna yet.

Minerva overlooks everything. At the Hell Palace they keep on moving and talking, they go a certain way to which they were given a way through by the defeated Knights. From which they see a door, Natsu runs up to it to break it down when the door opens. From which the mysterious figure appears in front of them.

We go to Hisue to which she is happy that Fairy Tail and the others have gotten out. Darton appears to which he notices her face expression. He has come early to which he sensed something bad would happen. He figures out that she was the person behind Project Eclipse, and Arcadios was just acting as the man behind it.

She mentions that she has her reasons to which this plan must go on, even if it’s a dangerous plan. She mentions Eclipse Project 2, which is the second plan. She mentions that she had promised someone about the true Project Eclipse project as tomorrow the country will be destroyed.

Raijunshuu team begins their support for Laxus. Next up we see Juvia and Cheria go at it, to which she is quickly faced and their battle begins. Cheria seems to be jealous of Lyon’s love for her. She will be a hard opponent to beat down. Erza keeps on moving to her position to which she will fight Minerva.

She gets there and waits when Kagura approaches out of nowhere, to which Mavis’ plan is proved wrong. It seems that she is quickly unhappy since her predictions are wrong. Kagura seems like a really strong opponent, even for Erza. Mavis begins to get sulky and upset, someone tries to help her.

Erza and Kagura keep going at it, even if Kagura hasn’t opened her sword, she is still really strong. Out of nowhere Minerva approaches using her magic to which she pushed both of them apart, and then joins their fight. They all get ready to fight, the battle will truly begin now.

Rufus notices that Kagura and Erza are powerful, however Minerva is the strongest out of all of them. Minerva begins to power up, so do Erza and Kagura. They all get ready when they’re at their strongest. To which seconds later they begin their fight! Hit after hit, the action get more and more intense.

They’re all equally matched, however Minerva gets them in a bubble, then quickly begins her powerful attack on them. From which Mavis notices that it’s Yakuma’s 18 God Magic, she uses this and Minerva creates a large explosion. It doesn’t seem like a game any more, more like a battle.

Kagura and Erza are both still standing, to which Minerva’s next move is to bring out her pet, to which she brings out a locked up Millianna, she mentions that she’s not using her as a trade, in fact she’s using her to take magic from her.

Minerva wants to see their faces at their strongest. Darton finds out the real plan behind the Project Eclipse to which it must be prevented at all cost. Hisui mentions that the results of the games will determine the outcome of the future as a certain guild will have to win at the worst of outcomes to which it will prove that the future will come true.

If this does come true, it’s safe to say that the future will happen as mentioned. We finally see the real identity of the person in the hood, from what we can see, we see a girl who is crying, everyone notices the cry and the voice from her. Everyone is shocked, to which Natsu even smells her scent to tell that it’s Lucy! She reveals herself as she cries as she mentions that the future is in trouble! It’s revealed that she is from the future! Carla remembers her vision. Fairy Tail 184 ends here.

What a great episode, as we finally find out the person behind the hood to be Future Lucy! What a crazy and fantastic chapter. It’s going to be great finding out what will happen on the day later. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 185, titled “Erza vs Kagura”, when we see Kagura and Erza fight it out, finding out memories from the past.

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