Galaxia Blade! Fairy Tail Back – Fairy Tail 386

Fairy Tail 386 see’s the comeback of all Fairy Tail members as Lucy was successfully able to allow the Celestial Spirit King to use his Galaxia Blade in order to eradicate the evil trapping them. They’re back to which they quickly aid in helping Lucy to recover as Natsu, Gray, Gajeel and Juvia all step in to go up against Silver, Tempesta, Keith and Torafusa. Plus it’s been confirmed that Silver and Gray are Father and Son.

Fairy Tail 386 begins as Jackal falls to the ground after being attack by Lucy’s power. She also falls to the ground after using the power she has. On top of which everyone detects that Lucy has defeated Jackal and go to see whats happened. Spirit King’s movement seem to also be sluggish as Lucy’s powers dwindle.

He asks for more power, to which then points his sword to the sky and calls forth the stars and activates the Galaxia Blade to which it creates like a huge worm hole in the sky, then seems to have attacked the area it was brought in. Mard seems to think that the attack will also attack Lucy.

Mard see’s the King smile to which we then notice that everyone who was previously trapped is coming back to light and they get up and fight once more. Erza escapes her shackles and fights Minerva who was just waiting for her to come back. Elsewhere we see everyone get up too.

Mard notices that he’s been able to dispel Alegria, the radiance of the stars is a pure offering which erodes away at the darkness. Thus he’ll just leave it to Fairy Tail to take care of their demise. Mard’s body seems to also be turning into sand or stone. Torafusa appears to attack Lucy but is quickly stopped by Gajeel who is nearby.

Keith also appears to which is stopped by Juvia. Silver shows up and mentions that he’ll turn it all into ice which he does, to which Gray also shows up and turns it all into ice. Gray notices Silver and is shocked. Tempesta arrives to which he shows up with his flames, to which Natsu appears and engulfs it all.

Natsu mentions that he doesn’t know whats going on, however he owes it all to Lucy for saving them. He also gets fired up after looking at their next opponents who are all strong. We see Silver, Torafusa, Tempesta and Keith. Natsu, Juvia, Gray and Gajeel are all fired up. Fairy Tail 386 ends here.

A crazy chapter with lots of crazy action which will be coming up. However as we read next week’s Fairy Tail 387, titled “Father and Son”, we can quickly tell that Gray and Silver are both related to which they’re father and son. We’ll finally see this awesome fight and how it turns out.

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  1. Kisuke Urahara

    I love whats going on in this Chapter~!!! Though, I feel that since Jackal didn’t disintegrate I’m guessing he’s no down out yet. Maybe he can still get his Round 2 vs Natsu? Haha~

    Anyway, there are also other things I didn’t like too. I don’t like how I kinda feel that things are being rushed. I mean, w/ the fact that 4 S-Class “Level” Mages from FT are fighting some of the only High-Ranking Demons left is kinda too quick.

    But never the less, I’m glad that we finally see Silver and Gray together. And this “Father and Son” Chapter is gonna be good, I just know it~!! 😉


    1. Sunite

      Hmm I don’t think Jackal is going to wake up anytime soon. I hope that he doesn’t and just in the way of all these fights. On top of this, I really like the up coming fights. The fights I think were something that I was waiting for them.

      Yeah I guess that they are really powerful, I’m not sure if Juvia is an S Class person, I don’t think any of them are S Class for that matter. They were candidates for the S Class thing but never ended the way they wanted it to.

      Father and son fights will be awesome!


      1. Kisuke Urahara

        Well, technically speaking~ Juvia and Gajeel were “once” called S-Class during their time in their old Dark Guild but I know that FT has a higher standard and what not. I also know that they (w/ Gray and Natsu) had their Second Origin unlocked so that’s also a boost.

        But what does it matter? I mean, pretty much anyone in FT are regarded as beast~!! XD


  2. Kisuke Urahara

    Oh, a side note, I hope that Juvia won’t have to face that shark-ish looking guy, Torafusa was it? Yeah, cuz, y’know, immune to water would be bad.

    But anyway~ While were on that topic, why not pair them up then~?

    Juvia vs ???
    Gajeel vs ???
    Natsu vs ???

    Keith vs ???
    Tempesta vs ???
    Torafusa vs ???

    Hehe, so yah~ ^_^


    1. Sunite

      We already know who’s fighting who lol. By this chapter, the ones who fought and had contacts here were the ones that will fight.
      Juvia vs Keith
      Gajeel vs Torafusa
      Gray vs Silver
      Natsu vs Tempesta (Natsu’s payback for hurting Laxus)


      1. Kisuke Urahara

        Oh, good point~! 🙂

        Yah, at least Juvia won’t have to face Torafusa and stuff. Also, I’d love to see Gajeel back in action real soon. ^_^

        Oh by the way, don’t you think that’s surprising? Tempesta can breath fire~!? O_o Eh, I guess that represents uhm, forest fires? or “fire storms”~?


  3. grayfullbuster622

    What did i tell you i knew silver was grays father lol i just knew it this is gonna be super interesting my favorite match here is definately gonna be gray vs silver Father VS Son good battle cant wait.Haha i just knew this chapter was gonna be a good one.

    Still i want to know why silver hates his own son their must be a back story to this and now they all have their opponents in play lets see how things go i cant wait And again what did i say Gray was silvers father.

    And no offense but anyone who thought the rumors of Gray being silvers son and silver being grays father thought it was wrong In yooooooooooour Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaces!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mabritish and sunite just the people who assumed how gray and silvers relationship was different.

    Also cant wait to see the other battles but what i didnt like was when natsu comes in again and gets all the spotlight -_-……………….And he goes i’m all fired up crap lol………..didnt like that part……Sorry but i hate Natsu’s battle phrase Boooooooooooooo…………..No offense to natsu fans out their -_-…………


    1. Sunite

      Hahah I had an idea that they were father and son, and I guess you were 100% on the money! Wooh! I don’t think Silver hates Gray, but some kind of situation led him to stray away from Gray’s life. He may have had to leave both Lyon and Gray to Ur. Hmm, could Lyon and Gray be blood brothers?


    2. mabritish

      Haha lol I Missed all your energy gray and welcome back. Now this is what I call a chapter. Lucy is a bad ass to manage to free her guilde mates was not easy. I’m glad that everyone is freed now we have serious battle on our hands. Gray and silver now that will be epic. I’m looking forward to a full month coverage of their fight. Oh don’t forget to included a hell lot of flash backs Mr author.


  4. grayfullbuster622

    Well lyon and Gray could be Blood brothers but i highly doubt it if they were they would almost look the same.And Yah lyon looks totally different from Gray so i’m guessing they’re just friends But in a sense yes they’re brothers by Bond.


    1. mabritish

      Hmmm I hope they are not blood brothers. It will be boring if they were. But in manga, anything is possible.

      I have been thinking . I think being an s class wizard in fairytale is going to be hard. I min they are always in fights. The stronger the lower rank members get the stronger the s class wizard get too. I believe that natsu, Lucy, gray, juvia and few others have already surpass erza’s powers which she was having when the anime started. I min these guys manage to bring down the s class of the gremoire heart guilde. Later they defeated the s class of sabertooth guilde. I min what more do u want from them.


  5. grayfullbuster622

    Well you know i’d really like to see gray release his second origin we havent seen him unleash his second origin yet Back when he fought rufus i thought That move Called ice make unlimited was 1 of his origin moves but not really.

    I’d like to see His real second origin he hasnt shown it yet.HopeFully He Unleashes it when he fights his father.


  6. rise

    the next title is called father and son,but that doesnt really necessarily mean silver is the father….. it could possibly refer to something else


  7. mabritish

    yes speaking of second origin! I think we just saw Lucy’s second origin from this chapter. she manage to call out three spirits including the spirit king. so now we yet to see juvia and gray. gray must gain new powers from this fight to keep up with natsu. if he can become demon slayer or something new. I stil believe that juvia is the strongest of them all. her powers are second to none. everywhere is her battle field since she can effortlessly make it rain. so I’m also looking forward to see her second origin


  8. grayfullbuster622

    Yah i’m still hoping gray gains demon slayer powers or if he awakens it but on the other hand he might not even have demon slayer magic although we dont have any prove whatsoever if gray has demon slayer powers but lets see if he does hope he just awakens some new power cause lol i’m tired of natsu getting all the credit.


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