Kaguya’s Will! Madara’s Infinite Tsukuyomi – Naruto 678

Naruto 678 see’s everyone dreaming their own happiness as it seems to have come true for them, on top of this the jutsu fades when Black Zetsu holding Kaguya’s Will traps Madara until he seems to slowly be taken over. Black Zetsu seems to have been given the will of Kaguya, mother of the Six Paths, to which he tells Madara that it’s not even close to being over. On top of this Madara’s Infinite Tsukuyomi begins to take effect as everyone begins to dream their ideal situation. 

Naruto  678 begins as all villages seem to have been taken over by the Infinite Tsukuyomi technique. Sakura asks Sasuke whats happening outside to which Sasuke gives a terrible response mentioning that she wouldn’t be able to do anything when she found out. On top of this, Kakashi mentions that Naruto and him also want to know.

Sasuke tells Kakashi that he’s no better than Sakura, then tells them to shut up and leave this to him. Naruto damns Sasuke then asks about teamwork. Kakashi steps in mentioning that he can’t do anything, then mentions that Sasuke is the only one to analyse anything here. Thus Sasuke should take command of Team 7.

Naruto bursts out mentioning that he doesn’t think Sasuke would be able to do a better job than them. Sasuke mentions that Madara’s technique has taken effect,  it’s incredibly powerful and everyone outside there is already under this spell. So right now everyone is in a dream.

Hinata is having a dream that she is with Naruto. Kiba is the Hokage that has called a holiday for National Dog Day. Shino finds a new species. Choji has a wife that cooks and supports his intense eating. Shikamaru and Temari both wish for them not to get married. Ino has both Sasuke and Sai. Lee beats both Neji and Naruto getting Sakura to like him.

Tenten dreams of not having to correct Lee and Guy all the time. Terumi dreams of getting married. Tsunade is with Dan who is a Hokage, to which Jiraiya and Orochimaru are also there. Gaara dreams of having his whole family, as well as having Naruto come over and play.

Sasuke mentions that the light from the moon is gradually weakening, they can get out once it’s over. Zetsu mentions that the light didn’t persist at all. Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi get ready. Sasuke reveals that the Rinnegan is the only thing to be able to dispell the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Zetsu mentions that he won’t let anyone disturb the process, they will all be destroyed. And Madara, who calls himself the savior of this world will finish them off. They’re all surrounded by the Four Shadow Madara’s, he mentions that there is nothing more that they can do.

Madara mentions that everyone has been set away from their worries, when Naruto tells them that it’s one big lie. Madara mentions who is he to interfere with their happiness. The show ends here, from which he plans on turning everything on this world into a heaven.

However out of nowhere, Zetsu stabs Madara from behind mentioning that he is not the savior of this world. Madara is asked how can he declare himself so different to Obito or anyone else. Madara asks Zetsu what he’s talking about, he mentions that he was the one to make him. He was created from his will.

Zetsu reveals that his will was from Kaguya! Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi and Sakura are all shocked. Sasuke tells them that Kaguya is the mother of the Six Paths.  From which we quickly see that Zetsu is releasing a substance into Madara’s body to which he screams out load as his body is being taken over by Kaguya’s will and Zetsu! Naruto 678 ends here.

What a crazy chapter, from being one thing and seeing everyone’s desires and dreams to actually seeing Zetsu with Kaguya’s will stab Madara from the back. It’s getting even more intense, I did not expect this from any of them. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 579, when we see this awesome chapter continue!

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  1. jasper williams

    That sasuke is an asshole and a jerk!…if he was here i would av qiven him the beatinq of his life 4 talkinq 2 kakashi like daht…..

    Well av been hintinq 4 sometime now daht kaquya was the real thinq….buh madara can’t just be wiped off like daht…if yhu watch closely when madara landed the 1st thinq he did was 2 tap the qround…am sure he did some sort of body or soul transfer maybe because he sensed somethinq was qonna happen….and just 2 add….its really nice seeinq their dreams…qaara’s dreams really touched me…while kiba’s own was so 4uni….”a national holiday 4 doqs”…lol


    1. Sunite

      Lol, I feel the same, he seems like an ass hole at this point, from the whole being rude to all three of them. I do hope that Madara doesn’t die like this, he may have also predicted this and used the counteract thing you mentioned when he touched the ground. My friend said the same thing about Gaara’s dream too.


  2. Trey

    Haha I find Kiba’s dream funny 2 , I’ve said it my whole life Zetsu looks traitorish but 4 him 2 turn on Madara whaaaat , Sasuke will never change he’s worse than trash afterall.


  3. dreager1

    This better not be how Madara loses. That would be a big Cop Out. I want to see Madara fight Sasuke (and Naruto) It’ll still be good to see Kaguya join the fray, but it feels like Kishimoto is rushing right now. I don’t want the manga to end until 2015!


    1. Sunite

      There is way too much behind Madara for him to loose like this, i think when he touched the floor he did something. Or the Shadow Madara’s will do something to help Madara. 2015 seems like a good way to go, I do hope that the series doesn’t keep on going till it has a side series and other stupid stories.


      1. dreager1

        True, I definitely don’t want them to water it down. Maybe they could go the Sword Art Online route and just have side stories that take place during the arc. Covering fights that were skipped and things like that. It could be good, but it depends how they handle it. I definitely want Madara to stay as the main villain so he needs to stick around!


      1. nick dunn

        I guess. It’s funny because in Japanese Culture their was a princess named Kaguya called .Tales of the Bamboo Cutter. That fiction story really inspired some characters in Manga. Like Inuyasha and now Naruto.


  4. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

    so the zetsu that even couldnt control a crumbling man suddenly thinks can control the overpowered madara?

    yes, its true that venthough obito was near death had hallf of kurama chackra to overcome black zetsu, but so uts true that madara has his own power that is almost comparable to the whole kyubi, he also has the power from hashirama and his sage mode, and not to mention that also packs the whole chackra of all bijus except for kurama since he has just half of it, but still madara in his sttae should be able to just wipe the floor with black zetsu

    i could give a damn thing about this talk of curse seal, hell sasuke was able to repell the curse seal from danzo and he wasnt that powerful back then

    seriously, kishi is just trolling and keeps cfhanging the rules. this sucks


  5. grayfullbuster622

    Got a question lol WHen does madara die cause it looks like madaras winning atm.Not to mention he jsut activated the infinite tsukiyomi and now black zetsu’s turned his back on madara also anotehr queestion lol will sasuke evre turn the good guy or will he stay the way he is now with that uptight attitude -.- ?…….


  6. Satouf

    Madara die now?!!! That’s insane I guess zetsu will become whole with madara. Didn’t expect black zetsu to turn out to be this dark! We all over looked him while he was instigating things and waiting for the right time to jump.


  7. shinobi

    wtf! bz pulled a fast one on madara,if he managed to fool even madara for this long.i guess madara has been played no way is he gonna fight this,i mean this is kaguya the most powerful being in the naruto universe he must know more about madara‘s powers than even madara himself.i guess we gonna see a flashback of how this infinite tsukiyomi is all black zetsu‘s plan.i guess kaguya is taking over now and she is about to do smthn even more evil than infinate tsyukiomi.


  8. mabritish

    oh shit now it finally hit me. the author of naruto, copyed madara’s form from aizen in bleach. aizen’s final form was also having a 3rd eye. though it make sense that madara should have a 3rd eye since they are so powerful and he use them, unlike aizen it was just there for decoration. but that doesn’t change the fact that madara’s present form resembles that of aizen.


    1. nick dunn

      Well kinda I guess. In Pagan culture everyone has a third eye. Only 50 out of 100,000 or so have it open. It allows you to see past, present, and future events. Some call them Psychic or fortune tellers.


  9. mabritish

    oh shit now it finally hit me. the author of naruto, copyed madara’s form from aizen in bleach. aizen’s final form was also having a 3rd eye. though it make sense that madara should have a 3rd eye since they are so powerful and he use them, unlike aizen it was just there for decoration. but that doesn’t change the fact that madara’s present form resembles that of aizen. copy cat


    1. Sunite

      Good question, If I was to predict, I would say that either Kaguya will use Madara’s body to come back, or come back another way. Or Zetsu’s Will (which is Kaguya’s Will) will be passed onto Madara and he’ll become a mindless puppet for Kaguya to use and manipulate. I’d like for Kaguya to come back, I’d like to see her character more, but who knows.
      On the other hand, I still have hope for Madara defeating Zetsu and what he’s just done, having some kind of back up plan he could use or something he could do. However his hopes are very low at this point. As for Naruto and Sasuke, they’re going to stand and watch and try to intervene but white Zetsu may come and try to stop them. This is what I think may happen. Ending with Kaguya possibly resurrected within Madara.


  10. VJ87G

    Maybe y’all should re-read 674 and how Sasuke tells Naruto to listen what he have to say to the end, alright? Just because Sasuke acts like an asshole, doesn’t mean he is one. He knows real strategy more than anyone on Team 7.


  11. kyoku

    Oh what if black zetsu uses madara to use Rinne tensei to bring back kaguya and by what we know kaguya has all the power she needs but she wasn’t a jinchuuriki and she did infinite tsukuyomi last time and released it maybe now she can do it proper with the juubi in her but its just a thought


    1. Sunite

      Good question. Manga chapters are usually a lot further ahead compared to the anime episodes. This is usually how it is because anime episodes need these manga chapters for them go create the episodes. These chapters are currently some of the latest ones, so it’ll take for the anime to catch up to the manga.


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