Naruto meets Hagoromo! Reincarnated Ashura – Naruto 670

Naruto 670 see’s Naruto waking up in his inner world to meet an old man who calls himself Hagoromo Otsutsuki to which Naruto has no knowledge of who he is. He reveals himself as the Sage of Six Paths and also reveals that his two sons, Ashura and Indra were both very different. He shocks Naruto by telling him that his younger son, Ashura has been reincarnated in Naruto!

Naruto 670 begins as Naruto wakes up in his inner world asking himself if he has died. A man there begins to talk about how his ethical point of view towards death greatly differs from his own and the era they’re in. Naruto asks who he is, to which the old many reveals that by telling him his name it may influence his thoughts and opinions.

He reveals himself as the creator of Peace, Law and Order, he is known at Hagoromo Otsutsuki. Naruto is confused and doesn’t know who he is. Hagoromo mentions that he can already tell using his face that he had anticipated this. Naruto tells him that he doesn’t know him or what he’s talking about.

Naruto quickly notices his eyes are the Rinnegan, Hagoromo tells him that instead of looking at others he should look at himself. He tells him that he’s in his inner world and that he knows why he’s in such a hurry, plus it’s best if they currently were to be idle for the time being.

Naruto shouts at him yelling for him to start talking. Hagoromo tells him that he’s an oddity of time, time has flowed past him, everything has changed. He’s journey across time to meet him. Naruto shouts telling him that he doesn’t have time to listen to some old weirdo. Hagoromo mentions that Naruto needs words which currently won’t have any affect on him.

Hagoromo mentions that he will speak plainly so Naruto understands. Naruto calls him an alien. Hagoromo responds that he’s not too far off from that. Hagoromo mentions that he hadn’t thought that talking with one another would prove so difficult. Naruto mentions that the way he’s talking is fine, it’s just that the way he talks startled him.

Hagoromo begins to by next talking like Bee, to which it creeps out Naruto. Naruto tells him to leave a bit of the complexity in so he doesn’t sound like an idiot. Hagoromo then takes that in offence as he called him an idiot. Hagoromo gets the perfect dialect and begins to talk, as approved by Naruto.

Naruto first asks for his help as he’s trying to get out of it. Hagoromo tells him that he’s someone who died a long time ago and is someone who exists as pure chakra, he’s traveled across time to witness what has and will become of Ninshuu (meaning Ninja religion or teachings) he mentions.

He then reveals himself as the Sage of Six Paths to which Naruto is shocked that Jiraiya and Nagato talked about him. Hagoromo mentions that he does know of him. Naruto mentions that he’s the person who created Ninjutsu. Hagoromo mentions that he did not create Ninjutsu, he created Ninshuu. It was created to inspire hope while Ninjutsu was created for war.

Naruto mentions if he really is the Sage then there are a ton of questions he must know of. Hagoromo touches the water and a figure appears below Naruto to which he mentions that Naruto is Hagoromo’s own son Ashura! Hagoromo mentions that the time is right and there is something that he must entrust onto him.

Naruto mentions that he needs to get out of there and help others. Hagoromo mentions that there is nothing he can do at this point, and depends on the people outside, he can only tell him things. Thus worrying won’t help him. Hagoromo tells him that he must listen to him as he needs to be told something.

He begins to tell us about his mother, Kaguya Otsutsuki came to their lands a very long time ago, she came to pluck the fruit of the sacred tree. With that power she ruled over the land, Naruto asks where she came from to which Hagoromo mentions it’s not important. She is also the strongest and most powerful than anyone.

The people either called her mother of the rabbit goddess of the demon. She had two children of which one was Hagoromo. In order to repent for the remaining sins of their mother, they both fought the reincarnated tree as the Ten Tails. The tree struggled to reclaim the chakra and it’s chakra was absorbed by both brothers.

As time went on he also had two children, named Indra and Ashura. He taught both of them Ninshuu. However there was a huge difference between the two in power. Indra was the superior brother and had stronger genes while Ashura was the flunky useless dropout. Hagoromo then mentions that no matter how superior or excellent the parents are, that power won’t necessarily be inherited by the child.

Naruto is somewhat told that he never inherited any of their powers. Naruto knew that he was talking about him. Hagoromo mentions that he resembles him of Ashura with what he’s done too. Indra and Ashura walked very different paths. Indra had the powerful eyes and strong sense for battle, he was also a genius. He did everything with his own power and understood his own power.

While Ashura was the opposite, he was bad at everything while to achieve the same strength of his brother, he needed huge amounts of his own effort along with the cooperation of those around him. Through harsh training the chakra inside his body bloomed and found himself on the same level.

He also understood that everyone working together to help him is what made him strong. He came to understand what it meant to care and realized with love anything was possible. Through the way Ashura lived his own life, he also began to realize new possibilities. He divided his own power of the Ten Tails that was inside of him gave them names.

He believed that the bonds of cooperation were where true power lay. He also made Ashura the leader of Ninshuu so that he could guide everyone, he thought that Indra would also join but that did not work out. Indra would not accept this and thus war had begun.

When their bodies were destroyed, the chakra that they built up didn’t disappear, but was thought as reborn through ages time and time again. Naruto thinks this is disgusting, he then asks who is the unlucky guy being possessed by him now, Hagoromo mentions that it is him. Ashura was reborn into him. Naruto is shocked. Naruto 670 ends here.

A fantastic chapter and did not see this coming, it was somewhat a surprise to see both of them talking. And it’s fantastic to finally see how Naruto is connected to the Sage of Six Paths, he is not his reincarnation but in Ashura’s which is also pretty close to him. Nevertheless it is a great chapter and I can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 671, it’s going to be epic!


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  1. Satouf

    Very interesting chapter. I knew he would meet him in this world. But the six path sons r the question her. Indra sounds like Madara!!!! So sasuke is indra. And history is repeating itself until the outcome changes?!!!


    1. Sunite

      Yeah I also think that Sasuke is Indra after Madara, however it seems that after such time Hagoromo’s dream will come together and Sasuke (Indra) and Naruto (Ashura) will work together to bring peace.


  2. jasper williams

    lol…so naruto is a reincanation of the rikudo’s son instead of the rikudo himself….like hell yhu know who the other reincarnation is…..


  3. Emmanuel warmate

    Wow…nice chapter knew this would happen buh what bothers me is the outcome behind the truth of the shinobi-god tree-rikodou and the two sons of the week chapter would lay more foundations on all the lies madara and tobi had told us all


    1. Sunite

      Would you like to elaborate on what exactly bothers you because it seems like something interesting we could talk about. I think at this point it’s all starting to connect and make sense.


      1. grayfullbuster622

        Although suntie i think naruto would be chosen to be the next sage or their could be a twist between all this rivalry lets see what happens.


  4. Satouf

    I think there is a big twist to all of this, and the first hokage has something to do with it as well. Madara and first both had a battle to the death, and with Madara still being alive has kinda alterd the future the six path was watching?????


  5. Satouf

    I guess the six path new better not to show up for them. They were talented. He makes a point that naruto needs a push so did Ashura


  6. zetsu

    The man and his mom are freaky! Does naruto really have respect? Too much insults…i knew this was gonna happen from the very time i heard about rikudou and rinnegan, i knew naruto was gonna meet him and get the rinnegan,so, 2 sage of the 6 paths,the other isn’t a bachelor i hope..i need enough explanation,i might get lost with the manga…


  7. grayfullbuster622

    Interesting chapter naruto finally got to mee the sage of the six paths basically what he’s telling naruto is he is the next successor and their was a resemblence within ashura naruto and ashura have the same resemblence .To put it simply inna way sasuke sorta resembles indra and naruto resembles ashura naruto is the next successor of this age of ninja.

    My mind would be blown if naruto became the next sage of the six paths this was an interesting chapter i cant wait for next weeks new chapter of naruto Also he talked about how indra and ashura were different indra was lead by power while ashura was lead by the power of love and bonds and help of other people thats how indra got mad cause he thought he would become the chosen one but ashura was the chosen not him.

    Well hope the next chapters gonnabe awsome if it is true naruto wil be come the next sage to lead the world into a new leaf lets hope so. 😀
    Loved this chapter to haha.>:D


  8. MrArtichokeMan

    There is also the possibility that Kakashi, Guy, Lee, Minato, and everyone around them can’t revive Naruto with kabuto and Naruto just dies while in that dream state


  9. jasper williams

    Ya…am also confused…how does this ninshuu stuff work…i mean naruto is not qonna sit back and let madara attack him while he’s busy preachinq ninshuu point is i hope it involves some awesome skills…
    We all expected the rikudou 2 show up buh 4me i think he came fast…i mean qai is still fiqhtinq and 2 kaqes are still standinq…besides i finally qat 2 see naruto aqain in the manqa..its been like aqes 2me…the 1st few chapters were really hilarious with naruto showinq his clumsiness and the rikudou lackinq a sense of humour…all the same its just what i expected from him..i hope he teaches naruto a whole lot of super ninjutsus(or ninshuu whatever)…lol


    1. Sunite

      Yeah I’ll have to agree that I do hope that he does but I’m sure he won’t because of the time contraints. He’ll most likely teach him the one basic technique and Naruto will use it the rest of his live developing it and training it for others to learn.


  10. mabritish

    hmmm so naruto ddnt inherite his parents’s talent, that’s why when he was young he was so weak and super stupid. in the other hand. minato at that age he was super intelligent and strong. so he had to work hard and rely on friendship and love to be where he is today like ashuraand ofcos the nine tails played a big part on naruto’s progress.

    so as is already been stated that naruto is ashura, my guest is Indra is sasuke. he was born with talent, intelligence n he rely too much on his abilities. I dnt think Madara is indra 1: bcos if he is indeed indra that will the1st hokage to be ashura so since I dnt no much about the 1st hokage, I will assume that he was more like indra, he was born with alot of talent and potential, his record speaks for itself.

    my second theory, I think the 1st hokage and madara they were both ashura and indra assuming that the 1st hokage was not born with all his talents. the 1st hokage die, and passing on the chakra of ashura to naruto and madara lived on after the 1st hokage died. but he later on died b4 sasuke was born, so indra chakra was passed on to sasuke when he was born. now madara is back to life. but bcos he came back after sasuke was born, so he will never retain that indra chakra. way do u think guys, I completely rule out madara bcos of that reason.


  11. Emmanuel warmate

    First son-madara and sasuke
    Secod son-hashirama and naruto
    Where is the sage’s brother who possess half of the ten tails chakra and what of his decendant and what happend to him,the sage,the first and second son @ the end that’s what bother’s me….well next week would tell us more “the hidden truth”


  12. Arountazief

    For those interested :
    The name of the Rikudou (“Hagoromo Ôtsutsuki”) and of his mother (“Kaguya”) relates to a japanese tale called “Taketori monogatari”.
    Googling this could help to understand the reaction of the Sennin when Naruto called him an “alien”, among other things 😉
    By the way, it can be very interesting and somehow “useful” to look for the many references to buddhism and japanese culture in Naruto.


  13. shinobi

    ppl i think there is another juubi half somewhere out there belonging to rikkudos bro.that will be the key to defeatin rikkudo madara.and rikkudos bro might be the ancestor of the hyuga.


  14. shinobi

    ..i also think madara is the incarnation of indra coz ppl who is obssed with power and thinks that he can bring peace by casting a genjustu on the world,sounds like the way indra was described.so6p appeared to naruto coz he was given chakra willingly by the beasts that they were told to give the one who the so6p told would unite them if u read the chapter where the beasts were givin naruto their chakra which i think was rikkudos own chakra since he saw the future.and sasuke will probably nt meet rikkudo coz madara was the most likely to meet rikkudo bt didnt since he was the first uchiha to go under everything sasuke is goin thru and even much more.


  15. shinobi

    ive jst read some theories claiming sasuke to be indra bt i believe its madara.firstly hashirama cnt be ashura reincarnated coz he was born with his power(keikkei genkai).madara was born with his sharingan hence fits indras description(battle genius).madara also was the first to decipher the uchiha stone tablet,probably left behind by indra hence his successor.he then again wasnt chosen as hokage jst like indra wasnt chosen as rikkudos successor leading to bitter rivalry in both cases.the two also have simillar ideologies that power is the key to peace.madara also is the ultimate and extreme opposition to naruto and wants to go at it all alone pretty much like was narutos destiny to fight and kill madara since even hashirama failed to kill him and he got himself ressurected.


    1. Sunite

      Hmm yeah that seems to be logical, I have similar thoughts on this too. However do you remember when Madara died, didn’t that mean that Indra had passed on and had rebirth within Sasuke, however when Madara came back to life, he once again brought Indra up again?


  16. shinobi

    technically he planned to be brought back for a long time.and the force is stronger in him than in sasuke…hehehe.anyways if sasuke could have indra incarnated then he still would have the curse of hatred which would nt b easy to get rid off.i mean madaras hatred is legendary in the shinobi world even his name could start a war even in death and made plans to come back hence indras spirit never passed on lets say it was napping.oh and one more thing naruto is ashuras incarnation despite nt being a senju(ashuras direct descendants) hence it can jump bloodline and time so madaras death doesnt mean indras spirit moved on to sasuke infact tobi is a more likely candidate since madara left his will and name to him.also zestu were made from madaras experiments on his and hashiramas dna and later handed him back his rinnegan i think its symbolic of handing him back indras spirit that led him to his current level of power.


  17. mabritish

    hmmm that’s a great analysis and I like your points, they realy do make sense. but I’m still convinced that sasuke is indra. sasuke is more like an older brother to naruto since he was born 1st. just like indra and ashura, madara is like a great great grand father of naruto.


  18. jasper williams

    I really like the theory of madara beinq indra…its so convincinq buh i’ll rather stick with daht of sasuke 4 just one reason…when madara died..thouqh he made plans to be revived..buh then the spirit of indra had moved on…and ofcuz it was sasuke who inherited it…if yhu observe closely..sasuke also fits the defination of indra and they both look alike…some will say daht sasuke appreciates the power of coperation because he formed Taka…hell ya he does…we all know what happened 2 them later on……


  19. Victor

    I’m gonna assume you’re not an english person. So, allow me … It should be “weirdo” & not “wierdo”; and it’s “He begins to tell us” or “… Begins telling us”. Apart from these, your post is very nice! 🙂
    By the way, who’s Rikudo? Is it Hagoromo or just that Gedo statue?


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