Rogue Orochimaru! Yamato’s Past – Naruto Shippuden 352

Naruto Shippuden 352, an interesting chapter telling the tale of how an injured Orochimaru faces many ANBU ninja’s as they try to find him alive or dead. Yamato finds himself with a girl who she thinks Yamato, or Tenzo, is her little brother to which Orochimaru had taken when he was small. We discover that Yamato seems to be a baby which was tested on and given the ability to use Wood Style. Kakashi looks for Orochimaru when it seems that he’s found an interesting place. 

Naruto Shippuden 352 as Danzo is woken up and given a message. Danzo calls for Kinoe and tells him to go and look after Orochimaru. To which we’re reminded of the time when Orochimaru faced Hiruzen but was able to defeat them and escape from there. Yamato (or Kinoe) is given a message to go to a certain place to see a few people.

They have to go ahead and plan a secret meeting with Orochimaru. Orochimaru leaves his hideout to encounter Kakashi. He’s there, they both attack each other but do not get hurt. Kakashi’s mask is quickly broken and he seems to be stuck. Orochimaru’s snake appears but it was bugged with a paper bomb to which it explodes and hurts Orochimaru badly.

Kakashi tries to stop the injured Orochimaru but doesn’t work as he’s just help up and there’s something stopping him. Hiruzen and Danzo tell all the ANBU members that Orochimaru must be captured as his abilities, knowledge and data are a large part of the Leaf. He also must not be allowed to leave the nation and thus must be captured.

Danzo tells that he’ll be happy to cooperate and try to capture Orochimaru however he can. Orochimaru keeps on walking while the ANBU search for him. Kakashi summons his search dogs allowing him to search a wider distance. Yamato encounters a large tree with an entrance.

He walks in while there is a large build up of smoke, quickly someone asks him what he’s doing there. He mentions that he’s there on Orochimaru’s behalf, he even has a message. Quickly the smoke begins to change and begins to form, the man reads the message and turns into a person.

A little girl also appears. The man introduces himself as Gotta from the Iburi Clan. Yamato introduces himself and takes his mask off. The girl there quickly welcomes him calling him Tenzo. Yukimi is the girl’s name. It was agreed that if either Orochimaru or Danzo were in trouble they would come to that place. It seems that Orochimaru is coming to that place.

Yukimi takes Yamato to see a height scratched on a branch to which she believes that he may be Tenzo. Gotta mentions that it’s not Tenzo. Tenzo was Yukimi’s younger brother. He was given to Orochimaru around three years ago to help them with their experiment.

Yukimi begins to show him around, their graveyard where trees are placed instead of headstones. It’s to help bring the soul to find peace. Their powers to turn into smoke was incomplete thus Orochimaru had given them a curse mark to help stabilize their powers. Yamato remembers a moment from his past where he can see water. Then he see’s a few other subjects to where he is also there.

Yukimi see’s a few trees that shouldn’t be there, it seems that a few more than expected and thus she begins to take them out. Yamato also begins to see less and less children in his past. Yamato begins to plant them when Yukimi notices and walks off to show him something, he follows.

Orochimaru keeps on walking, Kakashi notices a large tree with a hidden hole. Yukimi shows Yamato something she thinks is amazing, they go into a room within the tree to which they can hear noise form out, especially the wind. They go there often to hear the voice. Once they turn into smoke, the wind carry’s part of their body away and thus they aren’t able to be outside for long.

Yamato notices someone in his past where she is also at the same place as him. Someone seems to be coming into the cave. It seems that it could be Kakashi as he entered before. However it could also be Orochimaru. Naruto Shippuden 352 ends here.

A good episode, although not that interesting. Although it’s nice to be seeing how Orochimaru and everyone else and their paths were chosen. It’s good to finally confirm Yamato. Also Orochimaru seems weak but somehow he’ll grow stronger soon. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 353, titled “Orochimaru’s Test Subject”, when we see more of Kakashi, Yamato as well as Orochimaru.

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