Erza and Mirajane Captured! Crawford Traitor – Fairy Tail 364

Fairy Tail 364 see’s the introduction of the former chairman, Crawford Seam. Doranbolt is told about everything especially what Tartarus wants to do in regards to the weapon Face. Tartarus attacks Mirajane and Erza when they hold their ground. They notice something to be off as there aren’t any powerful Tartarus members there. They fall over, Natsu realizes that someone must be leaking information to Tartarus, this someone is the traitor Crawford, the former chairman.

Fairy Tail 364 begins with Lucy and them talking back to the HQ, Elfman squeezing Lisanna’s neck. Gray and Juvia plus Gajeel and Levy are looking around for more clues. Mirajane proposes that Jellal was also part of the council while Erza mentions that he can take care of himself. She mentions that they need to take care and protect the former chairman.

They get there when they’re giving some tea, they like it. Crawford Seam, asks them how they’d manage to get his address when Mira mentions that they had used their contacts to get his location, he mentions that his address must have been top-secret. Crawford mentions that he has previously seen Erza before. To which she is ashamed of.

Crawford mentions that he’s sad to hear that his former colleagues have died and that it no longer functions, however Fairy Tail are there to help and stop Tartarus. Erza mentions that Face needs to be destroyed, to which they ask where it’s location is. Crawford doesn’t seem to know the location, they had to keep such information secret and that they must not have told him.

Erza asks how Tartarus must have found out something that even the chairman doesn’t know. They ask for the people who are able to release Face to the world, to which even Crawford doesn’t seem to know, he mentions that it’s not suppose to exist, its top secret forbidden weapon, thus the council members that are the key don’t know themselves.

This means that Tartarus is really after the council members, they notice people coming in, around 20 from Tartarus to which Erza and Mirajane will both fight together. They mention that they won’t let them lay a hand on the chairman, while they’re transformed into their awesome fighting forms. Erza mentions that it’s the first time they’re fighting side by side, Mira mentions for them to show what they’re really made out of.

Elfman keeps on squeezing Lisanna’s neck when he mentions that he begs to stop, Sayla mentions that when a human begs, it’s usually when they want to offer their soul to the demon to which she asks if he’s ready to hand his soul over to her. At the ruins, Doranbolt remembers everything Cobra told him about Face and what Tartarus wants to do, he mentions that he needs to go after Tartarus.

We see Cobra free, with all the other members of Oracion Seis. They’re happy to be out when Cobra attacks the leader and takes him out as soon as he can for betraying them. Midnight, the mans son, doesn’t even react to it. They all mention that there are things they want to do, however it seems that something has come to them, this would be be Jellal and Meredy who are there to kick their ass. Doranbolt leaves the whole of Oracion Seis in Jellal’s hand to which Jellal seems to be happy about it.

Natsu quickly gets up and shouts asking where the former chairman’s house is, he quickly grabs Happy and fly’s off as soon as he can. Both Erza and Mira keep on fighting until all of the Tartarus underlings have been defeated. Erza and Mirajane change back mentioning that something feels off. They mention to get such a essential target such as the former chairman, they only send weak targets is bad.

Natsu explains to Happy that there is something bugging him, he asks himself how Tartarus knows all this stuff. Mirajane goes to say something when she falls over, Erza does the same thing and falls over unconscious. Natsu mentions that there must be someone leaking information to which we clearly see that this person is the former chairman Crawford Seam! We see him report back to Kyouka telling her that he’s go two more bodies to which he should return back to Tartarus at once. Fairy Tail 364 ends here.

What an awesome chapter, the former chairman was someone who has betrayed the whole of humanity to gain what exactly. Could he have been the person who calls himself E.N.D?  I really can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 365!

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      1. Senjumaru

        as you all know right, each member of the council did not know their magic is the key to destroying the pulse magic.kalau FACE Jellal and Ultear is one of the keys to destroy FACE .. what do you say, former chief seat of Crawford is the END


        1. Sunite

          Hmm, I don’t think Jellal is one of them, however I do know that Wendy is one of them, I think that Doranbolt is one of the people that has been erasing people’s memories even the former chairmans (if he really doesn’t remember where it is)


    1. Sunite

      It was certainly a long chapter, a lot more detail on the drawing and action than dialog. I like Jellal’s appearance against Oracion Seis, definitely a good way to bring him into the story, plus good to see Doranbolt and Jellal friends and keeping in contact.


  1. mabritish

    hello guys I’m at episode 84 English dubbed, this my second best anime after bleach if not at the same level. so I can’t find episode 85 please help.


    1. Sunite

      Hi there is this what you’ve been looking for:

      I highly suggest watching the Japanese with English Subtitle as these are the episodes in which the original animators/authors want the audience to watch, the Dub are okay and most of the times they sensor and take out some really good bits. However I hope thats the episode you’re looking for 🙂


  2. mabritish

    I’m not that much updated with the manga but I will catch up soon so don’t think I’m undermining your topic by asking errelevant questions. it’s just that I’m still new with this anime.


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